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Has anyone experienced their variax causing the amp to ring almost as if the tubes in the amp wer going bad? I had two guitars plugged into the hd (variax via VDI and an ultra III via 1/4") I started getting this increasing in volume feed back through my DT even as all guitar volumes were off. As soon as I unplugged the variax it stopped.




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What Model Variax are you using? 

Yes - feedback can occur in some situations, my Variax 700 was very prone to feedback, solved it by reducing the length of printed flex cable from the piezos to the DSP PCB board and adding small ferrite cores to pass this cable through.


I should state none of my Tyler Variax's  suffer "feedback" problems. But on the JTV-59 often this can be induced by a "micropivoting bridge" - and this is solved by inserting a small block under the bridge to prevent any movement.

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