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Hi, I have 2 questions here.

1. I have one G90 system bought from Hong Kong, but I live in Taiwan. I'd like to buy one more TBP12 transmitter. How could I do?

2. If I want to improve the signal range of G90( more than 300 feet), what can I do? Such as change antenna or something else?


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Any Line 6 dealer can order the transmitters for you.  It is part number 98-033-0003.


If you need to increase the distance between transmitter and receiver it is beat done by using remote paddle antennas and moving them closer to the transmitter.  If that is not possible then specialty antennas can be employed.  Selecting them is somewhat job specific.  But almost any super directional 2.4G antenna can be used.  You will need to allow for cable losses and connectors.




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