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  1. Hi, I bought Native Helix online, and lately I bought a new computer. I would like to use Native both in my laptop and new computer. Hoe could I do it? After I install it in my new one, and my protools always show inactive plug-in(show as attached photo). I installed Native 1.10. Hope someone can help me fix it. Best, Kay
  2. Thank you for your answer. I have read this in POD HD 500 advanced guide. My question is I cannot find "CC#0" in pro tools midi control. CC#32 in pro tools midi control refers to "program change". However I need to know how to change "setlist".
  3. I'd like to use pro tools control pod hd500x. I use a midi channel to do this. But I cannot find "bank change( CC#00 ) in pro tools. I can change presets in the same setlist. I use pro tools 10.3.9.. How could I change pod hd500x setlists by midi signal in pro tools?
  4. About antennas, they were not inside the rack. And when I hear dropouts, the RF LED still show green. But not 5 green LEDs, it showed from 2 to 5 green LEDs. And it changed very soon. Red one didn't come on then.
  5. Antenna jack assignments were both locked. Yes, transmitter was mounted on my guitar strap.
  6. I use the G90 original antennas. And the IEM antennas was at least 10 meters away from G90. I scanned before the show. It's most clear channel. I used channel 3 on RF1.
  7. Or is it possible my G90 a defect?
  8. Hi, I have G90 for a month. And I encounter a serious problem tonight. It was a 3000 people arena. I used RF1 because there were more dropout on RF2 when sound check. When the show started, I saw the RF led was sparkling and the sounds was not continuous. I didn't leave my site. It's less than 2 meters between the receiver and TBP12. Still dropouts often. The worst situation was when the vocal come to me with his IEM and wireless microphone. I really like sound of G90. It's perfect to be with POD 500x. However the dropout problem is too big. Could you help me to solve this? I really wish I could use G90 in the future tour and concert. Best regards, Kay Liu
  9. The show is fine and G90 works well yesterday. Thank you. According to your answer, I wonder why Line6 publish RF2? What situation makes dysfunction of RF1?
  10. I use it yesterday in a small arena can contain .about 5k people. It's rehearsal yesterday. When I use RF2, it dropout several times( very short and discontinuous). When I change it to RF1, It's fine. Even when I walk to the PA, it works well. But there's no audience yesterday. I will know if cellphone or wifi hotpot does interfere or not tonight.
  11. I've tried the RF2 and RF1. It works when the receiver and transmitter are in the same room. But it doesn't work when go to the next room.
  12. Hi, I've use G90 in my place. But it doesn't work well. The signal dropouts even in the next room( less than 5ft, and door is open), How could I solve this? And I worry when I use G90 in the stage or in a big arena. Please help me, thank you.
  13. Hi, I have 2 questions here. 1. I have one G90 system bought from Hong Kong, but I live in Taiwan. I'd like to buy one more TBP12 transmitter. How could I do? 2. If I want to improve the signal range of G90( more than 300 feet), what can I do? Such as change antenna or something else?
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