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Ambience sounds pod hd500x


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Guitar is fender american standard stratocaster (seymour duncan jb bridge, fender lace sensor gold early 90s and seymour duncan lil 59 neck)
Amp is Fender hot rod deluxe 2 
Mic is a equiteck Cad e100s on axis
Pod HD 500X conf. is: output mode: studio direct, input: guitar, input 2: variax, mixer: path B mute, path A center
Im only using effects from the pod hd500x (no amps or cabs sims.)
I dont know how to upload patches in here  :( please show me how to do that and i will put you the patch in here

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Nice guitar. Thought it was a hollow body, but maybe the tone setting was confusing my ear.


Uploading is easy.  I have only up-loaded one patch to the 500X custom-tone, and it was straight forward.  Maybe not the best method.


1. Start the Line 6 POD HD Edit program

2. Move mouse to select the tone by highlighting it.

3. Then select from File - Save As.  You will be prompted at to a location.  The easiest is your desktop.

4. Open your browser (or select an other tab window in the browser) and navigate to the Line 6 Cusomtone page and ensure you are on the POD HD 500X page.  Sign into Line 6....
I placed a screen capture in this.

5. You will notice in the upper right hand corner, a selection button called "Upload"  its right beside the help button on the page.

6. Simply select "choose a file" (the one you saved onto your desktop ) and select "Upload Your Tone" button.





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