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  1. I also always use studio / direct option, for me, is the most transparent option but I use my HD500x as a "digital pedalboard" no amps no cabs sims, only effects. If you plan to use amp sims, I suggest you connect the HD to the return of your amp, and turn off the sims cabs in HD.....try it, maybe it can improve your sound :) ;)
  2. Hi dhewer I forgot to mention that the distortion i was using was a tc electronic nova drive (OD side)
  3. Hi dhewer heres the patch Hope you like it :)
  4. Guitar is fender american standard stratocaster (seymour duncan jb bridge, fender lace sensor gold early 90s and seymour duncan lil 59 neck) Amp is Fender hot rod deluxe 2 Mic is a equiteck Cad e100s on axis Pod HD 500X conf. is: output mode: studio direct, input: guitar, input 2: variax, mixer: path B mute, path A center Im only using effects from the pod hd500x (no amps or cabs sims.) I dont know how to upload patches in here :( please show me how to do that and i will put you the patch in here
  5. thank you!!! i really appreciate your comment
  6. these are some sounds created with the pod hd500x for ambience music what you think about them?
  7. This is a sound I prepared for ambience music .... if you like I can send you the patch
  8. 4 cable method si hablas español, te puedo explicar como se hacen las conexiones
  9. Another option is: guitar - pod HD500 input - pod HD500 send - Dc5 input - Dc5 send - pod HD500 return - pod HD500 L/mono output - Dc5 return....then pod HD500 R output to 2nd amp`s return
  10. just change output mode to studio/direct even if you are using an amp...all the other output modes are trash and remember to turn off the speakers simulator in the pod
  11. just change output mode to studio/direct even if you are using an amp...all the other output modes are trash and remember to turn off the speakers simulator in the pod
  12. The same thing happened to me last night before an audience of 2000 people being the opening act of the famous group La ley in my country ... it was quite annoying and my performance was greatly affected by this problem ... why nobody has responded in Line 6 or give us any idea what to do to correct this? The problem IS NOT the switchers because you step and change the preset you select, but then the device will switch to another preset by itself. Digital_igloo or any of the experts from line 6 have any idea how to correct this situation? Lo mismo me paso anoche frente a una audiencia de 2000 personas siendo telonero del famoso grupo La ley en mi pais...fue bastante molesto y mi actuacion se vio muy afectada por este problema...por que nadie de line 6 ha dado respuesta o alguna idea de que hacer para corregir esto? El problema NO ES de los switchers porque uno pisa y cambia al preset que uno selecciono, pero luego el aparato cambia a otro preset por el mismo. Digital_igloo o alguno de los expertos de line 6 tienen alguna idea de como corregir esta situacion?
  13. sadly is mono but you get the idea ;)
  14. i think the best (flat) output opcion in general, is studio/direct... i think this is because this option has to be the more flat for use the modeling preamps...for me i only use studio/direct for all my applications (1-using the pod in front of the amp as a "virtual pedalboard" no preamps just effects, 2-using the pod as a standalone preamp in the return of my amp (cabs sims off),3-using the pod as effects unit in the effect loop of my amp no preamp just effects... For all this applications i select studio/direct output
  15. ok...the 2 coils in a humbucker pickup are generally connected in series
  16. wiring schematics for strats and les pauls
  17. on all electric guitars pickups are wired in parallel (unless you modify it and put a switch to change routing)
  19. check this:
  21. or you simply could copy the 8c preset in fx heavy and paste in the location you want ;)
  22. to the OP check this and I think this can be achieved using an external footswitch like a boss fs-5L in PEDAL 2 jack
  23. Revisa la configuracion de entrada de la guitarra...configura a "guitar 2 " en "same", asi duplicas el nivel de entrada...otra cosa que puedes revisar son los volumenes del mixer y si los canales estan paneados o en el vas a tocar mono a un ampli, te recomiendo poner los 2 canales del mixer en el centro,si aun asi sigue estando bajo el volumen de salida en el pod, trata subiendo el volumen en los canales del mixer (en realidad en 0dB deberia sonar normal)...otra cosa puede ser desactivar (en caso de que lo tengas activado) el "pad" de entrada y otra cosa por ultimo, seria revisar la configuracion "amp o line"...a veces la configuracion "amp" en algunos amplis, no logra excitar la entrada del ampli asi que puedes chequear a ver que tal si lo usas en "line" a ver si sube el volumen...haz todo eso que te estoy diciendo, en un patch sin efectos y sin preamps del pod (una cadena totalmente vacia)....y una ultima prueba que puedes hacer, es que como en el pod los 2 canales de salida suman a mono prueba a cambiar de salida es decir, si estas conectado en la salida L, pues cambia a la salida R...en el pod eso es lo mismo pues cuando estas usando cualquiera de las 2 salidas individualmente se suman a despues de probar estas opciones el problema continua, definitivamente tienes un problema con el aparato...
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