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Finally ran into the DSP limit on my HD500...


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on a side note I have to say that adding the Zoom MS-70 CDR in the FX Loop of my HD500 has eliminated all DSP limits for me.  I place it after the mixer and before any other post effects.  The stereo noise gate is awesome and I don't need any of the L6 gates so that frees up DSP and slots on every patch right there.  It has a 7 band stereo graphic EQ that can serve as a global EQ when needed too.  The multiple chorus, delays and reverbs are really nice and I can offload those effects to the Zoom when I get to a DSP limit issue.  It fits right on my board too.  About $120 and well worth it... now if I can only crack the midi nut so it changes with the POD patches...




I had a Zoom MS-100BT on the Christmas wish list, got lucky and Santa came through. Was just trying it in the Aux in of my Spider Jam and had a really good time 'cause the tone quality was great. It was so easy to get good sound from. I was using a Epiphone Special II which I had just put D'addario 9's on. I still have to run it into my HD500 but man it's so easy to use with the Spider Jam and get some good tone.


Thanks for posting this radatats 'cause I may've never thought of looking at the Zoom pedals. Thumbs Up to Ya!

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