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LINE 6 SONIC PORT VX for ipad 2 ?


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It works perfectly ! ;)

Does the charge fuction work with your ipad? I received the cable and the record worked great on both my ipad 2 and my pc but would not charge my ipad. I am wondering if it was just a bad sonic port vx because it would not charge my ipod 5th gen either with the supplied lightning cable.

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It works perfectly ! ;)


I´ve got a similar problem. I won the Sonic Port VX in a competition/promotion of and I´d like it to work with my iPad 3 (also one of 'the older ones' with 30 pin connector).

If you say 'It works perfectly' are you talking about the full functionality of Sonic Port VX with the Mobile Pod app? Does it really work with the app like it´s supposed to?

If that´s the case I´d go and order the cable from the ebay US source you quoted.

However, I am really wondering why Line 6 does not supply the cable with the 30-pin-connector with the Sonic Port VX, like they seem to do with the sonic Port (without VX).

If the VX really works with older iPads with this cable, they should provide the cable in the original scope of supply since they would enlarge the potential group of customers for the VX.

What do you think?

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I just took delivery of the new SonicPort VX 


I successfully used it with my iPhone 6 Plus ( IOS 8.1.2), and iPad Air ( IOS 7.6.2)  -


You do need to use the 12 Watt iPad charger for connecting the "2nd" micro-USB Charge cable to the Sonic Port VX and have  the Sonic Port VX charge the Lightning cable connected iPhone/ iPad .



I can use SonicPort VX to record 24 bit stereo using either of these IOS  apps on my iPhone 6 plus.


The Line6 Mobile POD app I have less use for, as the delay latency is a bit too high. Positive Grid BIAS sounds great, but also has higher latency than YonacToneStack.


I used an IOS app called "AUD-1" and this allows you to judge and measure the IOS Audio Interface's round trip audio latency


Using my iPhone 6 Plus, and the IOS app "AUD-1" ( which measures Audio latency on IOS devices ) with buffer set to 64 - Sonic Port VX reports a latency delay of 519 Sample and 11.8ms Latency Delay Time .


This is the same high performance  / low latency as my IK iRig Pro and Roland UA-22 Duo Capture EX  - I only use 24 bit interfaces on my IOS devices 


The SonicPort VX is great! 



Compared to prior Line 6 Mobile Interfaces for Iphone  - I'm having a far better time with the Sonic Port VX.

It does a few unique things. There are two rear access ports for computer I/O cables

* Proprietary Plug for Proprietary IOS Lightning cable or 30 pin Cable connection) 
* Micro USB port can connect to Macs/PCs using downloadable USB Audio Driver from Line-6.

When the  Sonic Port VX's Lightning cable is used to connect the Sonic Port VX to iPhone 6 Plus, or Ipad Air,  the remaining 
 Micro USB port can connect to any USB  2.1 Amp Power Adapter and charge the IOS device the Sonic Port VX is connected to. But note that the AC Power Connection does compromise the Noise Floor ( with additional 120 HZ Hum ) - luckily a large Portable Battery for USB power can be used for lower noise 

The SonicPort VX is about twice as big "in person" and larger than the older Sonic Port.

The Sonic Port VX Audio latency is identical to the IK Multimedia iRig Pro.

Using my iPhone 6 Plus, and the IOS app "AUD-1" ( which measures Audio latency on IOS devices ) with buffer set to 64 - Sonic Port VX reports a latency delay of 519 Sample and 11.8ms Latency Delay Time  - I attribute the lower 11.8ms latency to the processing power of the iPhone 6 Plus (compared to member "Cell's 12.5 ms measurements with iPhone 5S) 

Line-6 Sonic Port VX has  24 bit Audio, low noise Instrument preamp, and Stereo 3.5mm Line Input, a pair of Balanced TRS 1/4" Outputs for driving powered PA cabs, and a clean stereo Headphone Amp with TRS 3.5mm headphone output jack. 

There are three internal condenser Mic capsules, and it makes good 24 bit recordings using various IOS apps.

It works well with all IOS Guitar Amp Sims I tried ( Line-6 Mobile POD, Yonac ToneStack, Positive Grid BIAS/ Jamup Pro)     
My favorite IOS apps on my iPhone 6 plus to use with Sonic Port VX are Yonac ToneStack ( Guitar Amp sim/Stereo FX/recorder) and Harmonic Dog MultiTrack DAW.

I got a new micro USB cable - and now I can successfully use the the Line6 Sonic Port VX as a USB Class Compliant Audio Interface "- which means I can swap out the UA-22 Duo Capture EX and use the Line6 Sonic Port VX with a a powered USB Hub for Mobile Fishman Tripleplay on IOS rig.

But I love the UA-22 - as this provides a good backup and is easier to "restart" would power glitch occur mid set. 

The Scarlett 2i4 has a bit higher audio performance - but you must follow a specific  order for powering up the  Powered USB Hub First,  and then connect the IOS device

So far for Fishman Tripleplay use on iPad , follow the steps in the link here to use a battery powered USB HUB and a USB Class Compliant Audio Interface
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I have the same problem that I want to use sonicport VX with ipad 3 I live in UK and full compass do not ship outside the states and the ebay item is ended. Any other suggestions where I can get one.(Have tried extensive web searches) . I think Line 6 should include this cable as they do with the sonic port. Have tried phoning them but to be told apple sell one but this is a female 30 pin connector, second( Expensive ) phone call said they would email me details of availibility and cost but no reply yet.

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Looking for 30 pin sonic prt vx cable ?


Have found on ebay from US and will ship to UK $20 including shipping.


Had reply from line 6 who say they can no longer help as business transferred to Yamaha, however no mention of sonic port on yamaha site let alone possibility of ordering cable.

Line  6 has really left us in limbo  over this . have waited 5 weeks to get this far, not impressed Line 6 !

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I'm going to add myself to the collection of UK based Sonicport VX owners in the UK trying to get hold of this rare beast of a cable. Fullcompass do indeed stock it but don't ship outside of the US and all of the ebay links here are deadends. Has anyone found any of these cables anywhere else? Or at least someone that is at least willing to ship to the UK? Or maybe even an alternative that will work?

I've got an iPad 2 with the 30 pin connector and it's driving me crazy not being able to use the Sonicport with it, it's a great bit of kit otherwise!

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Bought a cable from here:

I was a bit concerned that it would be OK as it seemed cheaper than elsewhere, but my Sonic Port VX arrived today and no problems with it whatsoever.

I had also checked with Line 6 that the VX would work with the Ipad 2 as it was not on their list of approved devices (or on the list for the Sonic Port even though it does come with a 30 pin connector!) They confirmed that the VX will work with the iPad 2 - and it does.

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