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  1. Did a system restore and now working on my pc....???
  2. Works on my mac pro but neither pc's.?????
  3. Does the charge fuction work with your ipad? I received the cable and the record worked great on both my ipad 2 and my pc but would not charge my ipad. I am wondering if it was just a bad sonic port vx because it would not charge my ipod 5th gen either with the supplied lightning cable.
  4. No connection to Monkey for the last 5 days. LINE 6 ?????
  5. You could take the outputs of the sonic port and plug into another computer interface (UX2) "IE" then into your computer or take the output of the ipad into the sonic port and into your computer. The sonic port vx plugged into a computer will only be able to access any plugins you have in your DAW and nothing on your ipad.
  6. Did this work for you? I am trying the same thing. Ordered one and didn't realize it didn't come with the adapter for the iPad 2. Help please.
  7. Update! I took the top off and made sure all he ribbons and leads were secure in he unit. I sprayed contact cleaner in and around the master vol. Pot. and contact leads on the headphone jack. SUCCESS!!! hope this helps someone. If you do decide to try it. BE CAREFUL.
  8. Try and disable your firewall and anti virus and reinstall monkey and drivers.
  9. Hey, Yup there are a couple of bent pins on the pod that I tried to straighten.(Tedious to say the least) The strange thing is it works so well with the fbv mk1. The boards must receive info differently. I wish I knew what pins sent what. I actually have two mk2's and they react the same way so I am pretty sure its the pods rj45 jack at this point. I also tried different cat 5 cables. Thanks for the reply. Can these jacks be purchased?
  10. Hello, O.K. I have the pod hd bean and I am having trouble with it working with the FBV shortboard mk2. I.E. The preset names don't appear in the display of the Shortboard MK2 and none of the lights activate, the tuner button wont work but the tap function does. The strange thing is the fbv mk2 works well with everything else computer, Amps.....Now heres the fishy thing. I also have a FBV MK1 and all is well with the pod hd desktop (bean) everything mentioned works great. This is driving me nuts. There is not much info out there about configuring these two together ( pod hd desktop and fbv mk 2). From what I have read they are pretty much plug and play. I have reflashed both units to no avail.....Any ideas?
  11. I am having this exact same problem. The only difference is that the patch names do not show up on the fbv mkii either. Did you figure this out? My pod hd works great with the fbv short board mk1 and my fbv short board mkii works great with a computer or amp. This is very frustrating. Any help?
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