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Powering an M9 on a Pedalboard . .


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Having spent 4 years with my Line 6 transformer Velcro'ed and gaffer taped to my PedalTrain, I thought it would be good to buy a Voodoo Labs AC which powers the M9 just fine - now my other effects don't seem to want to work, but that's posted on another forum . .

That is unless someone can twll me how they power their M9 and typical 9V effects pedals?


What I really don't understand is why Line 6 has yet to address this themselves a propriatary board with the abilty to power the M13 any other products would seem to me a no brainer (but then, I digress).


I would love to have a board where I could plug both my Variax and my M9 in, so as not to have to spend and extra 1/2 hour setting up and tearing down . . .

Just my thoughts.


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I use the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus to power everything on my board, including the M9. I just use the courtesy outlet to plug the M9's adapter in. I just have it velcroed and zip-tied underneath the board. It's pretty simple, though. I just have to run one power cable to my board, and I'm all set. The additional adapters shown powering the Strymon pedals in this picture are no longer there. I was waiting for current doubler adapters to arrive when I took this.


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