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Can the Amplifi pedal run direct to the board?


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It's basically designed to go direct. The main outs are balanced TRS, so you could actually take one or both of those direct to the board, and it would work fine. If you want to use a direct box, you could do that, too.

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Thank you, as along time Line 6 user, I am planning on going to the AMPLIFi system. It seems like everything I am encountering tech wise is IPad centric, so I am looking to get an iPad. Am currently a Surface user but the venue that I play at is going to an iPad monitoring system and all of my music comes from an iPad centric planning site, I must succumb to the dark side.

I am looking forward to editing at eye level.

Next questions will be about converting HD500X tones to AMPLIFi files.


Thanks again.

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