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  1. Would it be possible to add cutomize function In Command Center to the Tap Tempo switch in an update? My red Tap Tempo LED is failing, so I performed the LED test on start up (switch 2?). The red Tap Tempo color was off or super weak. The other colors tested fine. If we could customize the color, it might save a repair? Repair ticket # 384384 Thanks all.
  2. Has anyone experience a huge spike or ping using a G50? I use a G50 into a Helix There have been periodic spikes in the house and in ears, and the sound tech determined it could be my wireless. We are running up to 6 wireless mics on stage. The hit is loud, and rough on the in ears. For now, I use a cird. I did read about how to find a clean channel by setting the channel select on receiver and watch the red light on the unit. pick one that had no activity. For now...I am a tethered guy!
  3. I use a G50 and our bass player is using a G10. I suspect the G10, while searching for a channel, can interrupt the G50 depending on who powers up first? Is this true? At rehearsal, my receiver wasn't picking up my guitar, but I could see the receiver getting a signal. The bass MAY have been transmitting to my rig, now that I think back on it. I switched channels on my receiver, then back, and it started receiving my signal.
  4. Maybe, how would we do this, make the exchange as it were?. Mine is very low mileage, has one broken zipper pull string, which I replaced with black cord. The zipper itself is fine. I dont use the backpack because I almost immediately mounted Helix to a pedal board case, which weighs a ton, but super fast set up.
  5. For anyone interested. I have created a simple Excel worksheet to log in Global settings. In each update, I have had to take pictures of my Global Settings in order to re-establish them after the update. With a new update coming soon, I thought this would come in handy. I also decided to share it. It is very simple and has rows that correspond to the Global Settings screen. I have entered my settings above the cells in red. The red cells are for you to enter your settings, if you choose to do so. I have a Command Center row at the bottom that is noted so I will remember how to set up my M5 Modeler in the FX loop. If anyone is doing this, you need to go to Global Settings>Midi/Tempo and set MIDI PC Send/Return, to "Off". I am not suggesting anyone use my Global Settings as your own, BUT, if anyone sees anything glaringly weird in mine, I would be glad to know. I added the EQ section to the worksheet this AM, as I never used the Global EQ till this weekend, It made me fall in love with my Fender La Cabronita bridge Fidelitron Pickup! Blessings all, StratoGLOBAL SETTING WORKSHEET.xlsx
  6. The concern was running out of locations? I am pretty much an effects/patch junkie, and can't imagine EVER filling all of the empty slots! That is one thing that I loved about the Helix right from the git. With the Helix, I am using User 1 as my patch development location, and User 2 is my functional location. Then once I actually use the patch live in User 2, I copy it back to User 1 overwriting the old file for future use. Have owned Helix since Sept, and am no where near running out of slots in User 1 or 2. Amplifi and Firehawk had limited slots, but had a backup location. I was forever saving patches, but was able to load them up depending on my current setlist. Did I get off track? Sorry all! I am good with no "Delete", would however maybe like "Undo".
  7. In the meantime, I am creating an Excel spreadsheet that I can log all of my Global settings in. In the past, I took pictures of each screen with my phone whenever I did updates. Recently, a glitch required I perform a 9-10 restart and didn't have the Global settings pics on my phone, Had to restore them from memory.
  8. What if we were able to save our global settings as a file to be used as a backup, or to reload after updates?? Betcha it'd be easy!
  9. First off, Line 6 responded to my support ticket and stated that this problem is a bug and will be addressed in the next update. Secondly, as I had stated, somehow, I overwrote (screwed up and lost) my User 2 backup file. BUT, never giving up: I open my computer without the Helix connected, and RIGHT CLICKED my (messed up) User 2 backup file. In the dropdown box, there is a line "Revert To Previous Version". I clicked on that and it let me Select a file named 12/16/16. I Highlighted that which allowed for the Revert tab at the bottom. I clicked that and then hooked up Helix, opened the editor and Imported the Reverted User 2 files. I was able to retrieve most of my lost files. My new mode will be to save my User files with a date in the file name, instead of overwriting my last saved file. File management 101, y'all!
  10. The first time it happened, I had backed up 2 days earlier, so was able to restore my setlists. The second time, I am not sure how, but when I went to restore, User 2 from my computer, it had been overwritten by Factory 1. I have a theory. When copying say from Factory 1 to User 2 in this case, while in copy mode, even though you are seeing the destination location, the Helix is still in the Root file location. I believe this because when I copy a file from on location to the other, after I save the new location, it (sometimes) takes me back to the root location. This has happened a few times. I need to pay closer attention to the left screen showing the directory location. During this particular session, while trying to import, the entire rig locked up, had to shut down. When I re-started, User 2 backup was factory 1. I very likely could have sequences messed up, as I was pretty pissed off at this happening again. After sleeping on it, I MAY have figured out why this is happening. For the good of the whole body, I am confessing to what could be a bone head mistake. While copying a Preset from one Setlist to another, I select the Preset, click "Copy", navigate to the new destination, click "Paste" and then before saving, I have been clicking "Rename", then typing in a new name. It acts like it doesn't like this, (once again, I think the device may still be in the root location, but showing the destination) but I have gotten by using this method until the latest update. This is where I think the breakdown is. I need to save before renaming. In other words, I need to allow it to complete each operation before asking it to do another. So, I will be modifying my method for copying/saving, and will report back.
  11. I have received a "Badly Formatted Message From This Device" message while trying to copy an amp model from Factory 1 to User 2. After receiving this message I lost Factory 1 and User 2 files. First time I did a 9-10 restore and reloaded previously saved User 1 and User2 files. I issued a work ticket, got a "we will try to duplicate response. A hassle but was able to recover. I happened again tonight, went through same steps, this time somehow I lost User 2 files. When trying to download backed-up User 2 files, I somehow got Factory 2 files. In the end, I lost User 2 files, about 40 custom made tones and Snapshots. I narrowed it down to "Rename" function. I copied AC30 Fawn Normal from Factory 1 to User 2. While trying to Rename the file, I got a yellow banner across the top of the editor the says, "Badly Formatted Message From Device" and User 2 files disappeared, all except the non-renamed AC30 Fawn patch. This really stinks as I have lost all of my tones that I have designed and used since about Thanksgiving. I know what I will be doing for the next couple of weeks. I amended the Support Ticket.
  12. Come to think of it, my Helix was plugged into my laptop with "Helix Not Connected" on the screen. Maybe laptop and Helix trying to refresh all at once is problematic. Will avoid this combo in the future!
  13. Have had Helix 2 months (?) now, updated to 2.11. Today at start up, it hung up with the Logo on the screen, no motion, all scribble strips lit, but blank. I waited, shut it off, turned back on holding my breath, it fired up! Should I be concerned? Thanks!
  14. hmmmm...Simple, I guess there IS no reason to really have it erased after all.. Thanks
  15. First time fiddling with looper. How do you erase the loop? I was able to Undo Overdubs, couldn't figure out how to delete loop. Gracias, D
  16. Due to a week off from playing/performing, I chose to update my Helix. In preparation I read much on the forum in regards to problems that others had encountered. This proved very helpful. First off, I followed the directions closely, printed off a copy, and kept it close by, following the steps. Yesterday, I backed up presets from user 1 and user 2 folders where all of my custom presets reside. Was careful to ONLY copy and save Setlist, NOT Bundle. I took snapshots with my phone of all of my Global settings, so resetting all of those parameters was quick and simple. I chose phone pics, because I couldn't find a global settings screen on the Editor to take screenshots. Once I was finished, I opened one of the new amp models from the Factory 1 Setlist using the Editor (PC). I noticed that the amp block was empty, no amp icon, on the Editor screen, but there was an icon on the Helix screen. The preset was working. I checked all three new amp models, and all were the same condition, no icon on the Editor screen, and no amp model in the list of amp models, for instance, no Litigator model in the list. I rebooted the Helix, and oddly enough, it built all of the presets again, like it did the first time during the upgrade. I restarted my PC, still no icon. I checked the model list on the Helix and all 3 new amp models were in the list. SO, based on what I had read, I concluded that the new amp models had made it to the pedal, but my Editor had not updated, so the previous version could "see" them. I uninstalled the Helix App from my PC, and re-installed the App on my PC. Once I reopened the App, all was well. The new amps were as advertised, but spent my afternoon playing around with the Cali Rectifier. Can't wait to mess with some of the other amps, seems like they do sound slightly different. One thing I didn't do yet, was mess with the Global EQ, may not need to, will see. I have about 30 custom presets, that I will probably need to go over, maybe switch out amp models. I only have one preset with a Wah engauged, I'll be looking at the Exp pedal thing in days to come. All this to say, the download was great based on doing some reading up front and following directions. NOW I am kind of thinking....I wish I hadn't taken this week off!!
  17. OK, so I found the PC# that coincides with the preset number on the M5 in the grayed-out section over the second knob at the bottom of the Setlist Menu. My guess is that I can edit/assign that number at the Instant commands in the Command Center? I watched a video by Blue Oyster Cult guy demoing MIDI and CV set up...I am dizzy. I am bound and determined to learn the Helix. Right now I need to concentrate on MIDI nomenclature.
  18. Sure, I am using the M5 because, the Helix doesn't have the Sweeper. I don't use it a lot, but there is a song we are doing in rotation now the has a bridge that cries out for the Sweeper. And while I was at it, I am an old timey Pro Co Rat user. Up till now the Classic Distortion "Rat Model" in Line 6 rigs sounded pretty good. I am sorry to say, that to my ear the Vermin Drive Rat Model in the Helix, doesn't even come close. To me the Rat was nice thick fat distortion just enough high end. The Vermin Drive to me is too "Tinky". The M5 has the old Classic Distortion. I dialed it in last night and was like old home week! Right now my go to drives in the Helix are the Teemah, the Minotaur, and Valve Driver. I really wanted the Helix to be a one-does all device, and didn't want to haul or connect other things to it. Since I use the Patch/Snapshot mode, it gives me a stomp outside of that set up. And, I have already used an external Expression pedal to ramp up and down the Rotary mod, super cool. The good news is that the Helix Backpack allows enough space for the Helix, the M5, the Expression pedal, cords, and my wireless. Strato, out
  19. I have experimented with adding an M5 to FX loop 1 of my Helix, along with a MIDI cable. Works great. As I switch the Helix it switches the M5 to default the M5 presets. For instance, it appears that Patch 1A is preset 1 on M5, Patch 1B becomes preset 2 on M5, 1C becomes preset 3, and so on. My question: I it possible to assign the M5 preset number to a specific Helix patch? Say I want M5 preset 8 to come up on Helix patch 1A? For now, it is actually ok for the default presets as I can simply change the M5 effect preset to coincide with the Helix patch. Thanks all.
  20. As a long time Firehawk user. Firstoff, I loved the Firehawk, as to me it was warmer and more real than the 500, or 500x. When I compared the Helix to the Firehawk, by way of A-B switch after creating patches using exact same value on each, the Helix sounded like my ears had unplugged, or "popped". The only way I can describe it. I thought I would miss the Bluetooth editing functionality of the Firehawk. The PC editor in the Helix is well thought out and really works, copy and paste blocks and patches, very nice. I was afraid it would be like the PC editor from the HD series, cant remember why I wasn't fond of the PC editor for the HD500x. The USB connection to the Helix allows me to listen to playback to the Helix and run the editor, a huge help during rehearsal at home. Buy an Apple USB camera cord, for iPad playback in to the Helix. The foot operated editor is also huge. Easy to understand and to operate using the stomp switches, oh yeah large screen and scribble strips make for great visibility. I use 3 different guitars depending. With the Firehawk, they sounded slightly different. With the Helix, the differences are dramatic, much more like a real amp. With previous Pod rigs, I never used the volume control my guitar. With the Helix, rolling back the volume control, really cleans up the tone, even on some fairly driven settings. Once again, it acts like an amp. The Firehawk was limited by available editable blocks, fine if you only need one of each principal effects, comp, drive, mod, delay, reverb. Helix allows for stacking multiple effects through multiple paths, with almost unlimited signal path selection. I was able to create a patch that toggles a second amp model on and off as an overdrive. This by way of the Snapshot function. I am not sure I can suitably describe Snapshots here. In Snapshot mode, within a patch, you can toggle effects on and off, or change parameters of any effect within a patch. Say you want to push the drive channel of your amp model up for a solo. You can change the drive of the amp and save to a Snapshot. It is like have a switcher on your pedal board, and allows minor changes within a patch without having to reload the patch in another switch. My experience with Helix on stage, it seems to cut through the mix without being loud. Our sound techs love it. I run 1/4" out mono to a DI box to the board, and use a 15" powered main as a monitor. I still have my Firehawk as a backup. I have set it up with the Ipad editor next to my Helix PC editor, to recreate patches on to the Helix. Helix has tons of empty slots in User folders to save patches in. They also have a group of Templates that you can copy in to a slot and insert the blocks that you want. This is very useful as the signal paths can get complicated. Good luck, I love mine, am totally glad I made the leap.
  21. Yeah, Ive got an M5 that will cover the other effects, but was hoping to not have to carry anything else.
  22. Does the X Junkie download pack work with the Helix? It has a few effects that didn't make the cut that I would like to have. Gracias all.
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