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  1. Just so I am sure..No 1.1update yet, we are still waiting? I've been looking!
  2. Same here. I believe that the newest save is the bottom on the list. I did a test save to verify this. I act on the assumption that the bottom of the list is the newest. Occasionaly deleting old versions on the list above. Is there an advantage/disadvantange to having the device save ANY save to all locations but the Cloud? Like when I save from the rig using the hold button method, does it save to MY Tones or only the Hardware Location? Most edits I do on the gig, I use the Hod Button save method. Those are the most useful edits to me as they are done in the live playing environment. Maybe there should be a toggle in the utility area letting the user to save in all locations and even overwrite existing patches of the same name?
  3. I agree Good Stuff. I would maybe add to the disccussion; The overall output variables in the 500x that are not in the Firehawk. For instance the Focus adjust. The Stereo Mixer function right after the amp block in the 500x The new Global EQ in the 500x. All of this said, the Firehawk, right out of the box sounded great to me, without a need to deep edit the output section. I really like the Firehawk for editing and rehearsal/song playback. It makes practice a breeze. I was able to pull my Amplifi FX 100 patches in to the Firehawk, with the original nonHD amp models...A HUGE time saver. I would like to see a couple of "wildcard" effects block spaces in the Firehawk. One of the big commonalities of both rigs is global switching and the ability to toggle a single effect on and off within a patch. This is where both of these leave many other Multi's in the dust. I believe as well that Line 6 will engineer out the hiccup between patches, however, I found that I had a patch with rotary drum-slow in "D" next to the same patch copied to "C' with rotary drum fast, and when I switched, it would ramp up or down, accordingly, slowly like a Leslie. Was a great effect in a paticular bridge going in to the last chorus on a song, having the rotary slow and slowly speed up till we were all in.. I may need to try that on some tremelos now that I think about it!! I too am one that falls in the middle, I like going after incredibly wierd sort of backdrops, time delay all over the place, but at times I just want a good old guitar tone. Right now, my Firehawk is the primary rig, but still have my HD500X in case the songlist for this week requires some extra horsepower. If I need real simple, still have my Amplifi 100x as well, am I a line 6 junkie? Well, I guess so!
  4. I will reply to my own topic! I found that if I am saving from "My Tones" it allows me to edit or add the name in the cell. From the hardware editor, no. Hope this makes sense. I found it by accident. Off to the cloud ...AND BEYOND!
  5. I have been saving my patches under my user name on the Icloud. I do this because, if I want or need to find my patches on the Icloud, I can serach by my user name and they all come up. There are times when the saving template won't allow me to put in my name. Let me say that in some cases, I find an existing patch that I like and is close to what I am after, then edit it, re-name and save it. Could it be that the root patch was created by a different user, so I am not able to overwrite the name? Thanks
  6. +1 to the single cable FX loop boost. Used it on both of my HD500s
  7. After sound check/reharsal yesterday, I wanted to pull the high end out of a patch. I adjusted the level, held down the switch until the display flashed, held down the switch again to confirm the location and the unit goes into LOAD ERROR. At this point the patch that I need is gone and the Tap Tempo light is out. This is 5 minutes before the Service starts. I have to power cycle to get the tap tempo light back in gear and now have to wait for all of the patches to load before I can re-load the patch in to the location. I do, and it goes in to LOAD ERROR again. I now need to repeat the process, all the while figuring out what patch I want to use instead of the one that has errored out twice. We wound up starting a couple of minutes late, and instead of being calm and confident, I am frazzled. It takes 2 songs to regain composure. So, someone please describe what is happening during the Load Error. How does one avoid it? I am now nervous about doing ANY editing during sound check. The swiching plane is another issue. Rear switches should have been higher. They are hard to reach. More so because I have needed to sit because of a pinched nerve in my back. I will say, when it worked predictably, it sounded great. Thank you all.
  8. Have worked with Firehawk for a week now. The Bluetooth drop is becoming a little more predictable. Would be nice if there were a "Refresh" button on the Edit page. I have gotten a "Tone Load Error" a couple of times, (I think) generally after using the footswitch save method. After the "Tone Load Error" that particular patch location still has a name in the display window, but no sound. Other patches still work, but the "Tap Tempo" light is dark. The remedy has been to power the rig off and back on. What is up with that? I will be taking it to rehearsal tonight, more to follow after that. My assesment right now, Firehawk is nice, but definately not as much horsepower of the HD500X. Still working on totally understanding some of the functionality, like Sag, Bias, and reading up on Shelving EQ like the Parametric EQ block. Evidently I am used to EQs the peak or scoop. Shelving EQ is WAY different. Gracias All.
  9. I will attempt to describe my findings. While in the Firehawk App, with a copied over Amplifi patch opened, when I tap the (red) Amp editor, it opens the page with the current selected Amp model highlighted. I swiped the page and "son of a gun" there were the HD amp models all there! Basically the HD Amp models exist on the top of the page, so when seeing the previous selected model, the HD models were just out of view. This is really making the switch over from Amplifi to Firehawk a breeze! On the Sag and Bias question, as per the description in the videos, (in my estimation) the higher the number the heavier my strings felt. Single notes specifically felt heavy to me. By slightly lowering those values, generally speaking it sweetened the sound and feel. VERY slight. I checked the Hum setting by turning it up..and guess adds Hum!...DUH! Is there a conflict with having Amplifi and Firehawk in the Bluetooth queue? Since I don't have both the Amplifi and Firehawk ruinning at the same time, should I "forget" the Amplifi connection? I also see the "hair trigger" Wah condition from the Amplifi doesn't exist on the Firehawk. Can't wait to take it for a spin on the gig. Once again, I am one happy Line 6 user!
  10. EXCLNT!!!Yeah Baby! This is why I buy Line 6!
  11. NI NICE! I will look at these options when I get home. This would be ANOTHER HUGE time saver.Thanks to All
  12. I didn't see a way. I selected Amp in the editor and it only showed Amplifi amp models, no HD option. This is ONLY on saved over Amplifi patches.
  13. First off, is this the place to post regarding the Firehawk? Firehawk showed up on my porch last Saturday and I am slowly starting to work with it. My Amplify patches carried over and are easy to access and load to the Firehawk. It does however bring over the Amplifi amp model with the patch, so no HD in saved over patches. In other words, the Amplifi amp model patches, when opened with the Firehawk, have the "Red" bars on the editing screen, while Firehawk amp model editing screen is "Blue". Is there a way of converting the downloaded Amplifi amp model to an HD Firehawk amp model? I tried it this morning and didn't see a way of choosing an HD amp. Still and all, a HUGE time saver having access to my Amplifi patches. It also looks like the Amplifi patches carry over the default effects blocks, and no wild cards, or extra blocks, so there may be less flexibiblity effect wise using saved Amplifi patches? It does put the footswitch assignments with the amp blocks when you open an Amplifi patch. I am experiencing some dropped Bluetooth issues, am hoping those go away as I use it more. I think much of it right now is that I am clearing way for my patches by saving over patch banks 1-6 to "My Tones" I may need to let it think a little more between commands. Also, for anyone that doesn't know, Patch Bank 27-29 look to be Variax centric. Since I don't have a Variax, I will probably use 27-29 as a "swap file" area. A place to store, and move patches when I create set lists. I will be using 30-32 to develop my own new patches. One more thing, and this may be for another post. Could someone describe, Hum, Sag, and Bias in really simple terms? Thank you, BTW the Firehawk is exactly what I was hoping for after owning the Amplifi FX100!
  14. I wound up ordering it on Amazon from a place called Pitbull Audio, down in National City, about 40 miles south of where I live. It was on the porch Saturday morning. I had to use much self restraint and just put the box in my music room. I had already worked out my set on my HD500X and wasn't about to obsess on my Firehawk at that point. WE had a substitute drummer and no rehearsal this week, we were basically going over the set in sound check..Not a good time to test drive a new rig. I am not scheduled to play this week so I have 2 weeks free to mess around w't the Firehawk. Here is something that is noteworthy, I loaded the App and connected to the unit last night and all of my custom Amplify Tones carried My Tones, Not sure how. I have many notes and questions but will start a new post for all of that.
  15. Firehawk is in the mail. Found a place in California-through Amazon that had 2 in stock. 6.95 for expedited shipping. Should be here Monday. A side question for maybe another thread....When downloading the App to a phone, does it use up Data? My wife and I may be gettting new Samsung phones and I may put the Firehawk App on it. We may be getting a real low data plan because we don't use much. We ( our group) use Planning Center Online for charts and MP3s which is iPad centric. In rehearsal and sound check, if I toggle back and forth from Planning Center to my Amplifi, Planning Center kicks out the Amplifi Bluetooth connection. It starts getting glitchy from there on out. Not the fault of the Amplifi unit. I am hoping to put the Firehawk on my phone for editing during reharsal and such. Will still use the iPad at home for developing patches. I will spend the weekend saving my Amplifi tones to the cloud so I can drag them in to the Firehawk. It might save me a few steps. Blessings, Strato
  16. Yeah, I am going to pull the trigger on one through Amazon tonight. The manuals and amp/effects lists are now available on Line6. I need a mental diversion from an issue at work for the next 2 weeks, and I think the Firehawk will be just the ticket!! The question I am struggling with now....Do I pay the 50.00 bucks for expedited shipping? To infinity....AND BEYOND!
  17. I just saw "Ready to Ship" on Guitar Center and Musicians Friend sites. Is this for real? When do you suppose they might be in a store? Strato.
  18. Thank you! I will take a look at this when I get a break this afternoon!
  19. I for one have been looking forward to a Global eq solution. Up till now, I have always assigned my outputs to "Combo Front" even though I run direct to the board. Combo Front has a "Focus' function that allows a method for aiming the focus of, or tuning the to speak. The question that I hear most about digital rigs is, "why do they sound great at home through my phones, but sound heavy and brittle at the same time on the gig?" You have to read the Fletcher Munson Loudness Study to really understand. Basically as you increase the volume, the eq curve flattens out with the upper mids going through the roof. The Global EQ will allow for creating sweet sounding patches in the phones and tuning the rig live to compensate for percieved loudness. Here is my beef with the Global EQ(always a complaint eh?) I was hoping for something more "Graphic" looking with sliders, instead of having to set a Q value and select a frequency value prior to adjusting. I don't have the skills to hear a problem and make a "swag" at the frequency numerical value, width of the Q, so on. All this and I haven't messed with it yet. More to follow once I get a chance to play around with it. If it gets TOO good, I may be saving dollars by NOT buying the Firehawk. Just sayin'! I did use my HD500X in place of my Amplifi FX 100 this week, and was reminded just how much horsepower the HD500X has.
  20. How do I disable the Wah in the FX100? It is a little on the hair trigger side. It is OK on a patch where I use the Wah, but I have had it engage at improper times, for instance if I am a little off balance while operating the volume pedal. I believe I can insert a different effect there, but I then run the risk of toggling it on at the wrong time. For instance, is tere a toe switch assignmnet that I am missing? Thanks All.
  21. While waiting on the relaese of the Firehawk. The Easter Service that I am preparing for, has a song list that is especially FX driven, beyond the duty cycle of the Amplifi 100. So out comes the HD 500X. Specificaly, the Stereo Delay in the Amplifi, has an offset instead of a right and left value like the HD500X. We are playing "Stronger" by Hillsongs. I cannot grab the exact delay from the amplifi. Wiht the HD I have right set to 1/4 note and left set to dotted 1/8...Each note goes "Ding-da-da ding ding" Like a doorbell in a cavern. One other song uses the Sweeper, which doesn't exist on the Amplifi, and another song calls for the Ocatver and the Harmonizer, both of which are also not in the Amplifi. I had lost track of how incredible the HD FX sound.... I hope I don't need to wait much longer for the Firehawk....I may decide that I don't need it.....Just sayin'.
  22. No. I like the overall sound of the FX100. Right out of the box, the Amplifi FX100 ounded great to me.I don't believe it has the horsepower of the HD500X. Don't get me wrong, I am not slamming the HD500X. The good and the bad of the HD in my humble opine, Line 6 gives the user the flexibility to dig down deep and taylor the unit anyway you want, the bad is that you have to do it! My first Line 6 rig, XT Live, sat on a shelf for a year because it sounded heavy and brittle, UNTIL, I figured out how to get inside and adjust it, AND understand what I was adjusting! I am counting on the Firehawk to close the gap, meaning, the sound of the Amplifi, with the functionality of the HD. I run direct to the board, and have a HUGE powered monitor in front of me. It was one of the house mains before they bought the new system, I commandeered it for my monitor. We use the Talkback system so I have a small control panel at my location that allows me to mix my own monitor. I have used in-ears as well, not since the Amplifi rig.
  23. I forgot to add, even though I haven't had all of the HD500 switching flexibility with the Amplifi FX100, I have been using the Amplifi instead of my HD rigs because it sounds so good live. It is like the staff at Line 6 solved for the "Fletcher Munson Loudness Curve" (look it up) in the Amplifi....Hope it carries over to the Firehawk....Blessings, Strato....waiting
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