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POD Go Factory Reset, Demo mode and Update mode

  • Common reset and troubleshooting button combinations for the POD Go.


Here are the common button combinations for POD Go when attempting a factory reset or troubleshooting. To perform any of these, start with the POD Go turned off, then flip on the power switch while holding down the buttons below for 5-8 seconds. It's helpful to have your presets backed up or saved to your PC or Mac computer, before performing a factory reset.


  • C & D - Factory Restore (Restores all factory settings)
  • A & B - Clears Everything (Clears all presets, factory settings will not load)
  • PAGE > - Update mode (helpful for any interrupted or failed updates)


If your POD Go is booting up in Demo Mode (shown on display screen during power up), see below to resume normal mode:


  • Hold down Bank/Preset Down and "D" footswitches during power up



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