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  1. I’ve had very good results when comparing to analog counterparts, especially Tube Screamers, OCD’s, Timmy, Klon Clones, Ds1. Fuzzes seem to be the most finicky, but I’m able to get very good fuzz tones from the Helix various fuzzes. I have no need to take any analog pedals for gigs or recording
  2. wscottd16

    Fender Clean?

    I get great sparkling Fender clean tones using the Tweed Bassman Normal and Bright Amps. You do have to do some tweaking of course to get exactly what you are looking for, but it's in there for sure. The cabs / mics / ir's can make a huge difference (pay attention to low and hi cuts on the cabs as well) What you play the Helix through makes a huge difference as well. Tiny speakers will never sound completely like big ones. Try going into an effects loop on a good tube amp with a good speaker cabinet to really hear how great the Helix amps can sound.
  3. Also, don't overlook that those tones that you are referring to were achieved with interesting mixes of chorus, delay, and reverb .. so .. you really need to dial in all three areas to get the tones your are looking for. I have good results from all of the choruses but you do indeed need to tweak the knobs to your personal preferences. Have fun, it's in there.
  4. I've been using the Helix for a couple of years now and there's a lot to explore. From my perspective, achieving the sounds/tones that you are after should definitely be relatively easily accomplished with the Helix. I have great results from the Line 6 Delays and Reverbs .. so .. just keep tweaking and trying out different models and settings of the delays and reverbs. You have a very nice sound and technique, the Helix should work great for you. As for the amp/cab tones, definitely use the low and hi cuts (or separate low hi cut eq block after the cabs). These help A LOT!. Speakers, Mics and IR's can make a huge difference as well. As for the delays and reverbs, experiment with where you place them in the signal chain .. AND, try wet-dry-wet type setups for more options. If you are a reverb and delay guy, you will love experimenting with those. There definitely should not be a noticeable difference between your monitored sounds vs USB recorded sounds ... Mine always sound identical. Make sure that your DAW settings are correct and are not adding any compressors, limiters ,eq's, etc.... on the tracks or mastering. Maybe try a different free DAW to see if you have the same problems or not? Cheers and have fun
  5. My experience using the Helix in live environments is VERY positive. I run it direct to FOH and using wedges, or into a Crate Powerblock and 2 x 12 cab unmiced for very small clubs, or direct to FOH "and" to an on stage amp fx loop/cab, or mic'd cabs with tube amp heads or the power block ... All with great results. You have so many useable options. There are very few places now that accept cranked tube amps, I have much better results with the Helix. You can dial it in to any type of environment, and for recording, it's amazing I also had very good results with the Pod X3 Live, and the Helix takes to it all new level, outstanding in my opinion. You do have to learn how to use the cab mics and high and low cuts and eq's, but once you do .. lookout, fun times. Small adjustments to amp settings and dirt box settings go a a long way. (large adjustments too). You can definitely find your "go to" dirt boxes that will please you (I'm partial to the OCD and the fuzzes) Have fun
  6. Another option worth serious consideration is picking up an X3 Live or HD500 for very little $.These have lots of very cool effects and extremely usable sounds to run through the Boogie.
  7. I have used extensively both the POD X3 Live and now the Helix at home, home studio, professional studio's, and lots of live gigs as well. I actually had very good experiences live with the X3 Live, and great recording experiences. I had lots of good sounding gigs using the X3 Live into tube amps fx loops, and all by itself a few times as well. The Helix is definitely a significant step up improvement from the X3 Live. Everything is better although I still like LOTS of the legacy effects as well (and they are all present in the Helix in addition to the new models). The amps and cabs are definitely better in Helix and the Dirt boxes are much better. It is much easier to get great live straight to the PA sounds with the Helix providing everything (amps, fx, etc..). The scribble strips and snapshots are awesome features that make live changes way to easy, you can get super creative here if you want to. I am very happy with the Helix, but you do certainly have to spend some time dialing in the sounds you want to accomplish (as with all modelers and most any rig as well) Agreed with the others, buy it from Sweetwater or someone that has a good no questions asked return policy and try it out, you'll have fun.
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