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  1. I am selling my Helix Native. PM me if interested.
  2. How do you guys setup your xlr out level for recording into audio interface? Rather have a strong signal with line level or rather send out a lower mic level to sound card in order to have more headroom flexibility? Generally, I find the sound quality better going into an audio interface than recording through usb option. THis leads me to a second question.: Can I only record a DI signal when recording through USB? Thanks, Cheers!
  3. i have a similar issue. i do facebook live with helix going into irig and iphone . guitar and backing track from mac is transmitted correctly. hooked up an akg lavalier mic to mic input. with phantom power on and moving up levels in global settings and studio pre, mic signal distorts quite early and i cant get a decent mic volume on my stream. want to try with a mic with mic pre (similar to a rode nt) next
  4. Does anybody know if all HX effects will be available for Helix in a future update? I would love to get the DL4 Effects..
  5. Why have default settings especially for amps these ridiculous settings? Why is it that for many amps like for example the Matchstick Channel 2 the default setting has Master Volume at 10 and Channel Volume at 8.8? Who would ever play at this loud level? Whats the idea behind that? Whenever you want to select an amp you have to constantly bring levels down to a usable setting first. Why is that? Secondly. when you have dialed in a setting on an amp or effect and want to hear another amp or effect in comparison and go back to your initial tone you have dialed in, all your settings are gone. Is there away around this other than saving a block snd making a new block every time?
  6. Hi there. Just wanted to give you some updates concerning my quest for a warm singing Lead Tone with Helix..I've spent a lot of time with the Helix over the last 10 days... The closest I have gotten to something comparable to my Zoom Lead tone was playing around witth the J45 amp, stacking 2 overdrive edals in front and trying diffferent cabs and IRS. Then recording over the same track and comparing. Here are a few soundfiles.There is also one done with the Zoom with a little compression added in Logic. The Zoom tone still feels warmer in general, and the delay and reverb are just warmer.But I know theres hope with the new Reverbs coming for Namm and for now I will just continue using Helix and Zoom or maybe combining them. I am very much interested in your comments or further suggestions on how to imitate the Zoom tone , mainly the one from my initial 2 videos..I have to add I found an Ambient /Worship Patch for Helix I fell in love with. This one somehow makes the dotted 8th setting reallly shine, I m still having trouble dialing it in like in this patch. It also has stacked reverbs. Stacking reverbs and AMP A/B with seperating and merging the signals is another thing I wanna get into.. So here are some Helix test quick and dirty recordings i made: 1. https://soundcloud.com/chaijen/helix-tweaking 2.https://soundcloud.com/chaijen/helix-test-lead-2b 3.https://soundcloud.com/chaijen/helix-test-lead-3a 4.https://soundcloud.com/chaijen/helix-lead-test-5a 5.Archetype https://soundcloud.com/chaijen/testhelixarchetype 6. One track with the Zoom as a comparison: https://soundcloud.com/chaijen/testhelixzoom And the "ambient test" 7.https://soundcloud.com/chaijen/worshiptestok
  7. Its true that this tone has a bit more bite..its just missing the warmth of the delay and reverb I'm used to..This tone I would not define as harsh compared to the many others I went through before.. I've got a few others as a base.. Have not touched the impedance yet,..Will try that. Also, I started tweaking the Helix with my Vigier Excalibur until I broke a string last night and switched to the Tele..obviously less hotter pickups.. As you were saying HX reverbs are in the pipeline..I just saw that Helix native claims to have "HX effects". Are these different from the hardware version ?
  8. Thanks so much Phil, I'll try your patch later today Here is a tone I came up with. https://soundcloud.com/chaijen/helix-tweaking Not happy yet, but not harsh and it feels good fiddling around with.
  9. Hey Phil! wonderful tone and playing there! Thanks for your offer, yes I would love to try your preset. I just discovered the plate reverb today. Also purchased the Mike Britt presets (thanks to urultimate for the hint) Yes HX reverbs would be nice..hmm maybe for Namm ?? I m kind of in your direction Phil. After a few days of heavey tweaking and learning, I also came up with one sound using the JTM 45 with a timmy and a Minotaur in front and some delay and reverb. Its not a 100% the tone I want yet but it is a tone that inspires me and makes me wanna improvise which is always a good sign. I have recorded some 20 solos over a backing track tweaking different tones. i will prepare a file within the next days to document my progress.. I find the factory presets totally unusable but thats the case of so many units..
  10. The patch in my 2 videos is absolutely identical. Only difference: 1st one recorded with the zoom's audio interface into a recording template from Logic and with some compression added from Logic . Second one is recorded straight into an Apogee Ensemble.. Joe, the new n series from Zoom is much different from the old G3/G5/G3X series . If someone would really like to sit down and recreate the patch on the Helix i could offer it. But the thing that gets me: Its really just a Tube Screamer into a Marshall with Delay and reverb added. I think I have gotten close to the core tone being distortion pedal and amp on the helix by combining 2 dirt pedals into a Marshall. But recreating delay and reverb is so difficult. The Zoom delay is so warm and lush. And I find replicating the Arena Reverb from Zoom on the Helix to be next to impossible. Really have not found a nice warm sounding reverb on the Helix yet. I've seen patches where users are stacking several reverbs if someone has a suggestion on how to recreate a warm "Lexicon " or "Arena Reverb from zoom" like reverb on the Helix ...
  11. Sorry, no digital clipping and nothing wrong with my signal chain. I dont get that with the Zoom at all.. Sofar Ive got one patch that sounds close to what I hear through the DXRs in the recording and that I kind of like.. Tomorrow I will record from Helix into my Apogee to see if its linked to recording through USB.. Interesting with the global eq..If its not recorded then i will rather do high and low cut filter in every patch directly. So far I have 2-3 IRS and cabs I can work with and 2 to 3 amps with most of the 2 times 2 drive pedals.. With the Delays and Reverbs theres still a lot of work.. just picking one of each is jsut not enough.To get the depth that I like i find myself more and more stacking delays and reverbs.. Happy new year ;-)
  12. One question: How do you set up global in outs so the Xlr out to FOH is NOT affected by global volume?
  13. I am starting to make progress tonewise..thanks! However I am finding another thing I am not used to with the Zoom. I run Logic X with an Apogee Ensemble Interface. When I record the Zoom ( whether its through its own USB interface or into the Apogee) I always get the very same sound I am hearing through my active speakers ( DXR 10) I have only recorded the Helix through its USB connection. The tone on the recording is much harsher than on the monitors..not extremely, so its not like a line signal, but it bothers me. It adds the fizzyness aand harshness I am gradually managing to dial out going into the DXRs. Ric1966 its very extreme with your settings..I kind of like the tone I am getting going direct, do not have the Redback IR and I will eventually buy but but getting a good tone from a British 412 IR from Yamaha. However..when I record this tone harshness comes back.. I will tweak some more and will then make a little A/B recording with the dialed in Helix tone and the Zoom tone...Thanks for all your help! Highly appreciated!
  14. Thanks GinoBluzGtr! Just loaded up your patch Sounds good in your demo. Sounds horribly harsh when I play/record it...
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