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  1. I'd be happy if it just fixed the ability to connect to the Helix app and Updater at this point....but yes I'm sure that's frustrating.
  2. I have never changed the default phantom power settings in my Helix. Wouldn't that only correspond to input XLR anyway? I did switch back and forth between mic and line on the XLR outputs, neither changed the noise problem. I'm not saying this happens in every case, but it seems to be happening to others as well. In my case we use the Line 6 M20 board, which doesn't have individual channel phantom power switching, but 2 banks of inputs. It also has auto sensing inputs, which may play into this. I guess until this issue can be pinned down, I think those who haven't gone out and plugged into a board yet with XLR might need to know of this issue, just in case the sound guy isn't aware either. It's a loud enough hiss that it takes over the mix and can't be compensated for other than switching to 1/4" outs... Thanks for responding...
  3. I think this has been mentioned elsewhere, but felt it was important enough to share again. Unplugged the HD500 from our M20 mixer system and plugged in the Helix (XLR outputs) and started getting a snowstorm of hiss. Plugged back into the HD500, quiet as a mouse. Turns out that the phantom power was accidentally turned on those channels. When shut off everything was fine. Why this has never impacted the HD500 I don't know. I've really never seen this occur with any other device either. I'm assuming this could be fixed with a software update. However be aware, because it could be a gig killer if your not aware.
  4. Mine is squeaking badly as well. Tried lubricating the screw, no such luck. Doesn't really look like it's rubbing on the blade side either....almost internal. I opened a ticket and all they said was send it in for repair. Was hoping to avoid that as I haven't even been able to update or backup my patches I've created because of El Capitan issues. Guess my point is they haven't come up with a fix the customer can perform. I would expect this issue to grow though. I think if I have to pack it up, it will go to MF for a refund and not sure I'll replace it. Long wait, bad release issues are not being overcome by the wow and price factor. Still if anyone comes up with a fix, I'd be interested.
  5. Experiencing the squeaky expression pedal as well. Interested to see how this develops as it did not respond to any lubricating or tork adjustment. Seems like noise is internal. Not good completely ruins soft volume swells.
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