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  1. Hi gunszalod, Sorry I won't be able to help, I ended up selling the pod.
  2. Same for me, set the pitch to -1.0 you will get an Eb (half step down) It works, but you will notice some weirdness when playing chords.
  3. Alright, I'll wait. Since it's not a real need for me at this moment. But if it was still on sale I would buy it just to get the deal. Thanks!
  4. When is the next sale? Please 30% off again, I missed it.
  5. After watching the second video, I started to use this Parametric EQ method on all my dirt hard rock patches. As I understood, the Q curve is wider on the low percentage and narrow when set higher around 75%. So I've been doing exactly like the video, and I usually dislike the frequencies from 82% and above. :/ If I want to cut frequencies from 82% to 90% I set the freq. on something like 86% and the Q from 60% to 70% and after that I turn the freq gain down to 40%. Unfortunatly there's no graphic representation to see how much wide or narror the Q curve is.
  6. Very cool! As for the DSP, since I am using the amp "B" as overdrive, I am able now to get rid of the overdrive/distortion before the amp and use that FX block for something else. I did not run out of DSP Power, yet. :)
  7. John thanks for your help! I'll take a look at your patch later at home!
  8. Cool I did it! Thanks a lot! I set up two paths like you explained using the Soldano Clean for path A and Soldano Crunch for path B, it really works great using the expression pedal to alternate both amps volume at the same time, plus the Soldano Crunch sound better than the Line 6 Drive IMO. The only thing extra I had to do, was to set up the left and right channels in the mixer to "center". The POD drives and distortions have some unpleasant high frequencies and the video bellow show a trick using the Parametric EQ to lower them, it was usefull for me so I will post the video here it may help others:
  9. Thank you cruisinon2! That's clever, I am not really sure how to do it step by step, but I'll look it out.
  10. The problem I find when setting two diferrent patches (one clean, other dirty) is the lag of some miliseconds when you switch between them on the POD HD500X. That's a deal breaker for me, so I am trying to get things the same way I used to do with analog pedals with good results. By the way, I tried a BOSS DS-1 before the guitar input and it sounds much better than I expected, but too similar to the Line 6 Drive FX included.
  11. I will try it, I use to always add a compressor before the distortions, thanks for the tip. I am looking for a good clean Fender tone where I could add an overdrive or distortion before it and get good results. So I can play songs that have clean and dirt parts. Think Nirvana (Nice clean + distortion), Samshing Pumpkins (clean + Big Muff) and White Stripes (also clean + big muff). Best result I have so far is Noise Gate --> Red Compressor --> Line6 Drive --> Big Muff --> SLO 100 Clean amp --> Parametriq EQ (Q at 75%, Freq at 82%, gain at 35%) --> Delay --> Reverb.
  12. Phil_m Thanks for sharing your experience. I watched a video posted on another topic "fizz.." It shows how to use the Parametric EQ after the amp to cut off the harsh frequencies. Very nice to get the tone right.
  13. Great video! That is the "magic" I was looking for.
  14. I'll try changing cabs and mic, also the EQ after de distortion as adviced. I have always lowered treble settings on the amp and the distortions to make it a little better but still doesn't sound right. What bugs me is that on a real Fender Deluxe Reverb, pedals like RAT, Tube Screamer, Big Muff do sound great in front of it. Unfortunatly while I can get a wonderful clean tone in the Line6 Fender 'dlx emulator, it seems to not behave like the real thing with distortion or overdrive pedals.
  15. Hi there! I have a Line6 POD HD500X, updated with the latest firmware. I am probably not the only one wondering what's going on with the Fender amps when a distortion pedal is added to the chain. It does not sound good. :wacko: For instance: Get the SLO 100 or a Marshall amp, put it on a clean set up, add a classic distortion (rat) in front of it, it will sound good. :D :lol: Do the same with any Fender or Vox amp, it will be ugly. :blink: Facial Fuzz seems to work better than any distortion or overdrive when it comes to pair it with Fender models. What is your magical way to get good distortion with Fender amps?
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