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  1. The Helix is obviously a better unit to buy if you can afford it buy it. The HD 500's are great there's loads of flexibility with sound and it's down to how you decide what sounds right for you so you need to spend some time to form your sounds. IMHO you won't get a better piece of kit for the money . The only issue you will find with Line 6 is the back up service is pretty poor, if your unit breaks down you will struggle to find a repair shop if you are in the UK , My HD 500 board has just gone and I have to right it off because the cost of a new board is more than the pedal is worth. despite this I'm sticking with them because they work well for me . All kinds of factors come into sound , I think in the end you pay your money and take your chance and as a previous responder said if it doesn't work out sell it.
  2. Hi' We are a rock duo and we use Hd 500's and Helix , you don't need to have any backline for your stage set up you can go directly to the front of house PA and then if you use monitors as we do send it back through the stage monitor. This set up suits us perfectly as having no backline and sending it to fold back stops stage spill and so therefore you get a cleaner out front and more controlled sound. My advice just use the PA this unit is designed with this in mind. You do need powered Pa/ cabinets for this to happen though. a Hope this helps.
  3. Thank You duncann, I could try that cheers! as far as the repair shop were concerned they said it's not worth repairing but like I say they haven't even had the back off it.
  4. Thank you . Yes I tried a different power adaptor and tried in a different power source no Joy .
  5. I'll try to be concise. Problem : HD 500 Crashed not connected to PC . Won't start up just Line 6 logo slowly flashing. Sent to line 6 repairer and they said the unit was working and behaving as it should. upon receiving it back it looked good for about 10 minuites then while playing my Guitar through it the sound went off and it froze on the patch. Unplugged and plugged back in and I have the same problem as I started with ie: just the logo flashing. I contacted the line 6 repair shop to say what had happened and he just said the unit is knackered and reckons it's the board? I want to be sure it's not repairable obviously and seeing as though the repair shop haven't actually had the back off this I wonder naturally. I have tried to do a Global reset and it won't accept it. Has anyone had this problem ? and what was your outcome ? Any comments and advise will be gratefully received. Cheers! Colin.
  6. Don't know if this is the same problem but there is clearly a problem with the top E string Piezo My band mate had to have his replaced on his JTV 89FR it just broke down and now line 6 have my JTV89 with exactly the same problem. Quite concerning . I only hope they've made some modification to the Piezo otherwise it's pretty likely to happen again.
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