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  1. Hi, I have a G70 receiver that I had stopped using a couple years back because of dropout issues. I recently picked up a couple of G75's that I use for backline stuff, and they also had dropout issues, but started working acceptably once I did the most recent firmware updates. So I circled back to the G70 unit, hoping I could update it as well and get some better performance out of it, but when I attached the USB cable to it, the updater wouldn't see it. I noticed that the cable felt kind of loose, so I opened the unit up and can see that the micro USB connector has largely detached itself from the PCB inside (see photo). Is this repairable? Will Line6 repair these or does anyone know of an aftermarket solution to have this repaired? The unit is basically non-updatable without this port. I did update the transmitter but I suspect both would need to be updated to see better performance.
  2. Well thats neat, so yeah it looks like the part number for the chrome one just varies from B to C (black vs chrome). That's good to know. I'll let my luthier get eyes on an actual 69 to see if its feasible. I know it probably seems kind of pointless to some, but I don't mind doing a little extra work to get what I want. I'll probably buy an 89 anyway just to get up and running on the Variax thing. I always need two guitars for gigging anyway (full-time cover band guy). Thanks for the responses!
  3. The one on the 89 is black, for sure, but graphtech offers that bridge in chrome and gold as well. I'm not saying I know for sure thats the right bridge, but from what I can see of the spec for the 89, its a graphtech FR with string saver saddles and piezos, which is what the LB63 is. Unless graphtech makes a specific unit exclusive to Line 6, I would think that's it. I've been wrong before, though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Thanks, I was actually just coming back to post this: http://www.graphtech.com/products/product-detail/pn-0080-c0-ghost-lb63-floyd-rose-style-bridge---chrome?id=d38d9e98-0c8a-44db-93ee-19ef29cd030a The 89 uses a graphtech licensed FR, so Im thinking this is the same bridge, and thats what I would probably try to replace it with. A bandmate of mine has a 69, and Im gonna borrow it to have my luthier check it out. I hadn't considered the cavity on the 69 though, so the trem on that guitar is strictly top mounted? No springs through the body?
  5. Hello, finally getting the variax bug after seeing the capabilities it has. However, I'm a big Floyd Rose guy. I know the 89F has a Floyd on it, but I really like the look of the 69 better. Since there is a Floyd Rose system available on the 89F, is it possible to get the ghost saddles used with that guitar and replace the standard trem on the 69 with a Floyd? I'm aware that represents a good amount of surgery, but I have a good luthier local to me, and I'm confident he'd be able to handle the conversion. If it's not feasible I guess I'll just go with the 89F, but I thought I'd ask here first. Thanks!
  6. Well, I just tested it and my unit is still dropping out even when the Sennheiser isn't turned on. So other than typing in all caps, do you have any suggestions?
  7. I'm on my second G90 unit and continuing to have persistent dropout issues. I've tried scanning for channels with least interference, switched my wifi router to 5ghz only (disabled 2.4ghz antenna entirely), tried new cables, nothing seems to help. I have my unit in the same rack as my Sennheiser EW300 IEM transmitter, and thought that might be the issue based on the post here, but I quoted the above sentence because I read the aforementioned post #33, and the point being referenced here doesn't bear that out. The point that poster is making is that he uses the two in the same rack and they do NOT interfere with each other, since they utilize completely different signal bands. There are technical reasons why it's bad form to put an IEM transmitter and a wireless receiver in the same rack, if they are working in the same band. I too use line 6 and Sennheiser - and because they work in different bands, they don't interfere with each other. I've tried the various troubleshooting tips and nothing seems to help. I can't get another replacement unit, the vendor I purchased it from only allows one exchange. The really frustrating thing is I have none of these issues with my G30. I thought I was upgrading when I bought the G90 but it remains to be seen. Very frustrating!
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