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  1. DragonRM

    Which Amp?

    Just spent too much money on eBay and got a dt50 HD and 412... And a buddy is getting me a dt25 cab for smaller rooms lol... I need a bigger studio
  2. DragonRM


    Not a big enough upgrade for me right now from the 500... I'll wait for the pro-x or the likelihood of a 600 or something new next year...
  3. DragonRM

    Which Amp?

    The dt50 212 sounds awesome... nice to have the 2 different Celestions and the options that come with a stereo setup... but I'm considering picking up a dt25 112 cab just for the portability.
  4. If you do replace the ps for the hd500 make sure you get the correct one. If you get the one that is sometimes recommended as a replacement to get rid of the wall wart it actually has a lower amperage rating and can cause rebooting of the hd500 as well.
  5. I have a dt50 212 and just picked up a dt50 head at a good price and was thinking of trying one of the dt25 112 extensions for a practice/small space cab. Anyone think there will be an issue? As far as I could tell it would be the same as a dt50 112 but a bit easier to fit in smaller spaces :)
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