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  1. Just a couple of thoughts: my G10 has not had the USB issue (yet), gut I can see how it might. Besides the design flaw (the USB plug in connector should be more robust internally so it can take the pushing in of a connector even if does vigoursly, as well and the side to side pushing that may occur when in use or transport), I'd like to see Line 6 go with a reversible connector, even if they must supply the cable along with the device: USB-C or Lightning connectors come to mind, with USB on one end and the reversible connector on the other. But for the existing product, I think transporting the base with a connector plugged in already is just asking for problems as it is designed. A poster above designed a nice strain relief that protects the plugged in cable, but barring that, I think it's easier on the connector to carefully unplug and replug it calmly rather than leave the connector in place for transport. A side note: I've been using an ANKER PowerCore 13000 under my pedal board to power the G10 receiver and to charge the G10 transmitter. It has plenty of juice for a long session or show, and then you can recharge it at your leisure. No wall wart during the show. I'm also using a Pedal Train Volto 2 to power my effects (only 9V effects...), so my pedal board needs only one guitar cable going to my amp.
  2. I use LR Baggs M1A (active) and M1 (passive) and they both work fine. I also have a Taylor with the Expression 2 system (piezo under saddle, active), and that works fine as well. So at least some systems work perfectly with acoustic pickups of varying types. It also works perfectly with my passive electics - Gibson, Fender et al.
  3. I don't see a G10 "suggestion box" topic, so I'll start one here in this general area: For V2 of the G10 (the G11?): - 9V power to be more compatible with guitarists pedal boards - include a right angle connector, especially for guitars like a G335 with front mounted jacks. - include a method to override the automatic channel selection so the G10 transmitter can be more easily integrated with a band using several Relay wireless products. - include the variable cable length option
  4. In the US, there are several multi-drop plug strips that have a USB port built in (like this one that I have: https://www.amazon.com/Belkin-3-Outlet-SurgePlus-Protector-BST300/dp/B00ATZJ5YS/ref=sr_1_38?ie=UTF8&qid=1467414619&sr=8-38&keywords=plug+strip+with+usb) So you could plug your pedal board rig power plug into the Belkin, and plug the USB for the G10 into the Belkin as well and just avoid the USB wall wart that comes with it.
  5. It works with my G50 receiver, but you have to plug the transmitter into the G10 receiver first to let it pick a channel; then unplug the G10, turn on the G50 and use the channel select knob to find out which channel the G10 picked. I don't believe that it changes the channel after it picks one, so it should stay there. This would be a problem if there were other Line 6 Relay products turned on at the same time: there would be several of the 12 relay channels in use. It appears that the Gj10 used channel 1-4, so maybe ask the other Relay users (guitar or mikes) to avoid those when G10's are in use as well. I've not check the range of the G10 when a G50 diversity receiver is used; might be a bit more range due to the better antenna set up on the G50/70/90 systems. The G30 receiver is probably almost exactly the same range as the G10. I've not done a apples to apples tone comparison between the G10 / G30 / G50 yet; but the G10 is supposed to use the same A/D conversion hardware as the G30, so it should sound similar, but you have no "cable length" selector to modify the signal. To me, the G30 and G50 sound the same.
  6. Musician's Friend now list end of May.
  7. Can the G10 transmit to other Relay receivers? G30/50/55/90, etc.? I understand that the range would not necessarily improve (though it might with the diversity attennae on the G50 and up). If so, what channel? I love this concept, similar to the older AKG "Bug", but infinitely simpler. For the record, I have a Relay G30, G50, and the vocal XD-50. Rudy Sarzo got me hooked on these things (or it is unhooked ;-)
  8. Thanks, "dboomer"; I take it the Relay G30 does not supply such power?
  9. Regard the V35-BP: I have a Pyle head worn mic (PMEMS1) with a 1/4" jack that says it needs 1.5 - 10V of power - it's a condenser copy of a Countryman. It doesn't work at all with my Relay G30; Doest he V35-BP supply power to the mic via the jack? Thanks.
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