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  1. ernsttore

    Pre-amp block to amp effect return or use amp patch?

    I personally use the amp block on low volume and pre amp block on higher volume... Try mixing with the poweramp settings in Helix when using an full amp block if it’s get too powerful, but anything you do that puts a smile on your face is correct...
  2. ernsttore

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    I stand corrected, i also get it wrong temperature wise too...:)
  3. ernsttore

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Hold your horses folks, we are not demanding anything just plain curious, We all know it’s ready when it’s ready, but would have been nice with some teasers since spring is almost over... believe it or not summer has already started over here...
  4. ernsttore

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Agree, throw us a bone now and then so we know where it’s at...
  5. ernsttore

    Am I the only DT/Helix user checking daily....

    I check daily too but not curious at all (hmm... my nose is getting longer now) Waiting for the new Revv amp model....
  6. ernsttore

    Revv Generator 120 in 2.8

    Looking forward to this amp and hope they get it as close to the original in every way, it would be awesome.
  7. ernsttore

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    If there should be any comparison it should be between the amps and the modelers, so this discussion is pointless..... Does a fart sound organic, and does it smell good.... lets rather discuss that!
  8. ernsttore

    Hughes&Kettner effectloop problem

    Have sendt them some clips and waiting for an answer......
  9. ernsttore

    Hughes&Kettner effectloop problem

    Yes yours is barely audible, made a clip from mine in front of my cabinet, (crunch channel) first the loop off then on, and as you can hear it has more soundbleed although my guitarstrings are a bit present the bleed is more severe... 0F50211A-6FA9-41CA-B22E-5211ECC3FAAC.MP4
  10. ernsttore

    Hughes&Kettner effectloop problem

    Thanks for the input, seams like you Craig have the same issue but maybe not as severe as mine I’ll think.... i play mostly at low volume so this a big problem, and increasing the volume on the amp just make it worse... Maybe the right word is a “bad design” and they just excuse themselves with some undefined reasons...Have now contacted H&K directly and are curious to hear what they have to say about this issue, but I’m afraid that i get the same answer that Thomann got from them! Asked Thomann if they could test this on a another TubeMeister deluxe 40, but they told me that they did not have any there to test! hmmm strange.....?
  11. ernsttore

    Hughes&Kettner effectloop problem

    Yep, i agree... I get this soundbleed even when nothing is plugged in the loop with the loop on, it is dead quiet on the clean channel when loop on, even volume on full, but not on the crunch and lead channels with the loop on,and the sound gets louder as I turn up the volume, does not help to turn the volume all the way down, i can still hear some sound coming from the cabinet.... (Helix is totally disconnected, just my gitar plugged in the amp) If this is not the case with your amp, it’s working as it should, and mine does certainly have a faulty FX loop... Thanks
  12. ernsttore

    Hughes&Kettner effectloop problem

    Thanks for the reply, it’s definitely something wrong with the amp because with nothing plugged in the effectloop of the amp it still have this issue, have contacted Thomann were I bought it and they have contacted Hughes&Kettner directly ,and this was the answer they got from them: "It can reproduce this behavior but it is not considered as a fault – because you normally switch the fx-loop off when it is not used" Of coarse it’s not a problem when nothing plugged in and loop off, but the problem starts when i connect my Helix to the loop of the amp as i have told them from the very beginning, the soundbleed is still present. Thomann can not help me with this since H&K tells them that this is not a fault, so i’m thankful to hear other users experience about this amps effectloop before i contact H&K myself.... Thanks...
  13. ernsttore

    Hughes&Kettner effectloop problem

    Maybe not the right forum for discussing this but hope someone can help. My Hughes&Kettner TubeMeister 40 deluxe have some soundbleed when the effectloop is activated, nothing on my clean channel but both crunch and lead channels. Thing is that when connecting my Helix in 4cm mode with this amp some of the sound is going directly to the speakers when the loop is activated, and since digital gear have some latency there will be this unpleasant phasing effect.... isn’t the effectloop 100% serial on these amps? Just curious if there’s anyone that have experienced this with these amps?
  14. ernsttore

    Should I wait for NAMM?

    The Helix platform still have alot of power for new effects and improvements, so i think there will be a while untill we see a new Flagship.... when we do, what will be new? I personally haven’t yet used all of its potensial so other than updating firmware from time to time i will not be in any need for a new unit, wanting one is a another question......
  15. ernsttore

    2.31 Release Date

    Improvement of the amps/cabs thats already in Helix, better cabs in general along with the new reverbs......