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  1. Following the Variax preset issue... Global and Per Preset seems OK as well as Don't Force. Question is how would someone have the Variax go back to the actual guitar knob setting once exiting any preset? My example is say 'Hotel California' in 2 presets: 1st preset is 12 string (Acoustic-2) capo at 7th fret, 2nd is Lester (Lester-1) with no capo. End of song, going to any other 'don't force' preset, Variax remains on last used (Lester) in this case. So question remains, is there a way/setting to 'force Variax' when IN preset, but release/restore Variax to knob setting when leaving preset?
  2. SWoRd, I have been fighting the Helix application error as well. Both laptops are Windows 7, one finally loaded and runs with the revised 1.01 Helix librarian. The other does not, ended up doing a clean Windows 7 install (it is a small laptop I only use for HD500/JTV and now Helix management and playing MP3 backing tracks, solo gig). I did try removing all Line6 apps/drivers (including HD500/JTV) and cleaning registry, no luck. The fact that it failed on a clean W7 install speaks to a lower level conflict (it is an old Sony Viao laptop). I'm at a loss. I have called this into Line6, they are still looking into the issue (i.e. we are not alone). FYI, I have a Windows 10 machine, it is running Helix 1.01 app fine (will use for this weekend's gigs).
  3. Add 'double press' to select and open preset from BANK select When in Bank/preset select mode (Bank Up/Dn and 8 presets), allow for user to press any of the 8 presets with a 'double press' to then open the preset (like then pressing the MODE button). This would allow a faster move to expose the presets' stomp boxes and features... (i.e. avoids the need to move foot to MODE button). http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Add-double-press-to-select-and-open-preset-from-BANK-select/790007-23508?submitted=1
  4. I have HELIX app running (Librarian) on a desktop W7 but not on two different vintage Sony Viao W7 laptops I consistently get this same error. Tried all permutations of loading order (from restore points), no avail. I called Line6 support and they are looking into it. Maybe I'll load this on a Win 8.1 laptop (but it is for non-music use, I'm hesitant). I need a laptop to recover setlist from a BSOD event during my weekend gig.... may have to just do this. I know this will get sorted out, it is a new product.. yet frustrating.
  5. Added: http://Helix block movement UI improvement (add CUT) Add 'CUT' to block manipulation so you can just CUT the block and move (say from Path 1 to Path 2) and then PASTE it. (Old location is gone) Currently, you must COPY, exit, move to new path, open and PASTE, then return to old duplicate location and ERASE old block)..
  6. Keep output level during dual cab model selectionAllow user to set Dual Cab levels to low value and then audition other cab. Currently FW 1.02.2 resets cab Output to 0dB as soon as you 'dial to audition' a cab. Can't audition other cab at low or desired mix level.... Idea scale link: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Keep-output-level-during-dual-cab-model-selection/789243-23508?submitted=1
  7. Bug: Forced tuning and model (preset, not global) to JTV59 is not cleared on preset exit. Tuning/model remains active in JTV (as well as volume/tone settings). HD500 does not have this issue. Bug: 'A' path preset information blocks all cleared when returning to prior saved preset (only observed with a JTV oriented, preset-forced tuning/model; This was Hotel California pair of presets, 12 string/7th fret capo and 6 string/normal tuning adjacent preset. No issues with a few days of near constant 'learning/preset building' with non-JTV forced tuning/model presets. Use Limiting Issue: (i.e. I can't risk the use of HELIX on my weekly gig) (Edit: This is already in Ideascale... http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/USB-input-volume-control/788236-23508 ) USB 1/2 audio from PC level is NOT adjustable (defaults to full volume), issue is if laptop resets volume to 100%, ears will bleed. I use the Helix (was HD500) on a weekly paid solo gig with backing tracks (yes, I'm a putz). Need to add a global level control for USB 1/2 audio to XLR / 1/4" outputs (suggest -30dB to 0dB control). Firmware 1.02.2, JTV59/69 via VDI, PRS 513 in Guitar In, XLR out to PA, No L6 Link, USB connected to Win7.
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