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  1. have you checked the fuses? ALL the fuses ( two out of chassis and TWO inside?). I remember one similar problem, a year ago, and the problem was a little fuse inside the chassis....
  2. take a look here; ... i use Tung sol el34b, love them....
  3. robyone

    Dt-25 Fuse

    be clear....the FUSE or the TUBE?
  4. ...i have the dt50 212 from about three years now: for the first year all work fine, with hd500 via l6 link, play two or three gig at week in every situation...all work properly, no tube or fuse or other things problems, very satisfied with my rig....after.... i start have problem with strange sounds (sometimes thiny crackling friggin...) and after fuses and after tubes and l6 link stop working (hd500 gone...).... and friggin a capacitor inside chassis and so on now i use only the power section of this amp (via loop return) or the cabs (connect direct another amp head...) after that i think the problem in this amp is the preamp section or the interaction between pre and power section...i don t now but surely, for play at gigs, now i use other things. I am sorry because the versatility and the sound of this thing is awesome, but in terms of reliability.... :blink:
  5. ...check the valves, because if it were fuses sound will stop at all ( you re correct ). Probably one power tube is broken...
  6. robyone

    L6 Link Issue

    yes, bought a new xlr standard cable...nothing to do :angry: today i have open the amp and polish every connection, looking for broken solder joint but everything seems to be ok....i will try tomorrow with tester....very frustrating issue.. thank you guys for the ideas..
  7. robyone

    L6 Link Issue Zap...i have look at midi settings on the pod, but all is at default....
  8. robyone

    L6 Link Issue

    yes, i have....factory this point i really don't now wtf is the problem.... :angry:
  9. robyone

    L6 Link Issue

    Hi all: i have a dt50 212 and hd500 and for two years all work perfect (many gigs with no problem) from about two months the l6 link stop working. The topology on the amp flash between I and sound, and every action on the pod have no response on the amp and viceversa. Re-flash firmware on both, make global reset on both and pedal calibration on pod...change xlr cable...still no lucky. The two working perfectly alone (no l6link connected) Please, any idea?
  10. ...all way up....tried to move any switch....strange issue
  11. ...same issue. Tried to re-flash hd500 and dt50 212, no lucky..... :angry:
  12. Please, please Line6; make a video on how to set properly the HD500 as a midi controller for Dt amp series!!! This thing is drive me CRAZY!!! I want to be able to save other paramethers (mic or cab type)...the manual (midi implementation guide) it s not easy to understand... for now i can only send midi message on channel one? I am a bit confusing....sorry
  13. Thank for share your research, first look the patches are strange, but i ll try... at the moment i am try to create a set for hd500 to control dt50 via midi ( all 32 amps in default settings ), because i love the sound of the amp without l6 link connection...i have tried the dt edit but for me doesn t work very well...under windows xp.. when i am done i will share for who is interested. ...and also my old setlist for gigs ( hd500-dt50 l6 link )...
  14. I want to use the direct out of my dt50 212; My intention is the follow; guitar, amp input, direct out, mic soundcard input...master amp level about 50%-60% (i use a SPL reducer for lowering the out volume) and add effects in cubase ( IR cab, delay or reverbs etc) any help or suggestions? Thank you :)
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