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  1. I had and have the same problem. When I take a long time not playing enough voltage receives (or amperage. Electric I do not know). Sounds like a great failure of a large company like Line 6. They should find the solution. Know if the U.E. USA no problems or voltage, but in Argentina, and even in small towns, is unfortunately likely to happen. I love the combination of my POD X3 Live and my Variax 700 guitar, when it works I feel there is nothing better, but when it fails (and may be at the wrong time) I do not know if you break on the floor or sit and mourn. The truth is that if I had known there was a possibility of failure like that would never have bought. Sorry for drafting errors, I am using a translator
  2. I appreciate the existence of this forum and personal experiences that help. Iknowathingortwo: just bought the router cisco linksys e2500 and I find that has no usb connection, checking this forum I found out that I also buy a usb to ethernet adapter. My question is: Does any usb to ethernet adapter I use in this case? I hate that they have not included the wi-fi in the StageScape. Thank you very much for answering! PS: sorry for my English, I'm using google translator
  3. Sorry my english. I add a data that may serve you: The console StageScape NOT work with external drives (at least with my external drive of 1TB Samsumg)
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