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  1. Current promo being offered is Cubase Le with the purchase of a VX. The Cubase download is 10 gigs (my Ipad is a 32 gig). I am new to recording and am curious if Cubase will be too complicated. Should I buy a new VX with Cubase or buy a used VX for $100 with no Cubase and just use Garageband.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Worked excellent !
  3. What's the quick and easy way for patch levelling on the fly (if there is an easy way) ?
  4. Curious to know if this amp is an improvement to or voiced better with the JTV 59-69 acoustic models then the tube comp or pre ?
  5. I'm playing the same guitar as you and lovin it also. I did put 406 c's on it (center screw holes versus stock insides which is better IMHO as it gives some meat to screw into). I sold my kemper and came back to the HD this week...it just works better for worship stuff (ambient vamping in particular) Enjoy and rock on. Wouldn't mind that sitar patch :)
  6. Yep ... had a JTV 69 which I gifted to someone close to me and moved to a 59. I miss the switching setup on the 69 and the trem (sometimes) but LOVE the meatier 59 neck :) Good Utube vid. BTW !
  7. I've had three HD500's over the past few years but six months ago dipped my toe into the water's of a Kemper. While the Kemper sounds stellar by a long shot, I do miss the ability to "cop" a tone quickly on the HD. Very easy to use interface and edit and sounds pretty good plugged in direct to house. Seriously considering going back to the HD. Just want to say bravo to L6 for the HD500 line and the updates that have been added. For $500 (or less) ? NO BRAINER !
  8. Take your time L6 ... I LOVE using the 14 cable method (sic). Just picked up an Eleven rack and Tele, soooo
  9. Perhaps mistakenly , I assumed that with the arrival of the 500X that Line 6 had BIG plans for the HD. Sure the switches are nicer and the processor a bit more powerful as one doesn't "DSP" out quite as quick BUT it wasn'tt worth the dineros in hindsight. I should have moved in a different direction with perhaps an Eleven rack or AXE . Like most players that are starting out by buying substandard instruments as the money spent climbs to the level of a PRO grade guitar (which maybe should have been bought sooner rather than later). I have under my belt two HD500's and one JTV which are wonderful to use live. But back to the USB interface issue which in effect is like having to boost start your vehicle. My time available is limited and when I want to use WB HD my battery is usually dead and req's me to wait. My supplied USB/VDI cable is getting REAL TIRED too. I WILL NOT buy a new Line 6 pedal board if/when it is released. Just way too slow in the FW upgrades.
  10. LOL .... I purchased my first HD 500 in November 2010 using various guitars with it. Next came a JTV 69 in January of 2012. I decided to """" upgrade """" to the 500X in August of 2013 thinking the best was yet to come ... I do really enjoy the "marriage" of the HD/JTV and their ability to do so much together ;)
  11. Not exactly free upgrades. I paid $1300 for a guitar that without the "included" hardware should sell for $800-900ish. I purchased the Variax KNOWING that it was software "expandable".
  12. Refer to thread in Variax section regarding Variax /HD workbench connectivity. Line 6 is pretty slow in supporting the JTV/HD500 with firmware.
  13. Good post Flab. In the grand scheme of things it's not a huge deal using the USB box if that's the way it's gotta be. But I will say it's a pain in the &$$.
  14. Line 6 REMOVED a feature AFTER we made our decision to sink $1500 into one of their products. Not exactly great business tactics. Are the 2.0 models supposed to be the carrot ? LOL
  15. I posted a support ticket asking about JTV -> HD500 -> WB HD . NOT HAPPY WITH L6's reply ! Q ~ Please tell me when/if there are plans to enable the JTV to HD 500 to HD workbench connection without using the USB interface ? ALL JTV / HD 500 users would like to have the ability to do this again. A ~ Hi, I am not aware of any plans in the near future for this to be possible. But, you can post your ideas here; http://line6.ideascale.com/ Thanks for your input Will - Line 6 Support
  16. It's always nice to see how someone else approaches tone building. Some just have the knack....others (like me) never seem to nail it.
  17. Right click I also did meesa ;)
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