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  1. Works fine for me... What browser ? I use Google :)
  2. Hi Tim :) Try these ... most are REAL GOOD. I'm sure Roy won't mind me posting the link. Enjoy. http://royfinley.com/?page_id=892
  3. "The whole dream rig thing. If the sounds really are that good, and not clinical, it really is a cool setup. Imagine going from thick and heavy drop d for everlong to 12 string for crazy little thing called love to stratty cold shot goodness..... And the amp and guitar all talking to each other....." Hey Miles ~ Been a JTV69 HD500 owner for a few years now and I will say it's more fun than a trip to Disney !!
  4. Download your tones and try using this ~ http://www.jzab.de/content/pod-hd I'm not sure why they download in L6t (which I think is GearBox extension).
  5. My Customtone saga ~ I have a HD 500X. Without reason,when downloading or uploading from/to Customtone the file extensions have become L6t's. I never changed any drivers or fiemware. It just "happened". When I try opening a HD tone from my PC files they want to open in "Gearbox" and NOT HD Edit. I removed the Gearbox software from my PC and most of my HD files have become an "unknown" file extensions. I can't change them back to 5xe's either. I've tried removing and reinstalling all HD drivers and firmware which has no affect.
  6. When I attempt to download a patch from Customtone 500X it downloads in the L6t format instead of 5xe extension ??
  7. What's up with Custom Tone ? I uploaded an HD500X patch and it wont let me edit it. When I try to download and open "my" tone the file extension is L6 t ??? As most know the HD500X doesn't have a home on Custom Tone.
  8. G'day mate :) Gotta love it when things come together nicely ... Been using an HD500 and then graduated to the X since roll out and am very pleased with it's simplicity and sound. I generally wear IEM's but I definately prefer the sound through wedges.
  9. Oopsie .... we forgot about the Variax ----> HD ----> HD Workbench fix
  10. Opinions Please I am on my second HD. Had the 500 and "upgraded" to the X recently. I use the ABCD/1234 approach BUTdue to our WIDE repertoire I require to use large swings in amps and tones. I play mostly at the same large venue with a permanent PA install (Midas console c/w EAW mains and IEM's. With a large tonal palette it is difficult for the engineer to keep me "in the mix". My question is this ~ Would it be better to use the KISS principle and use one or two "amp models" to help the engineer OR Continue with the large swings ? Thanks
  11. Rec'd my cable today. Nice cable and fast to ship out too. Thanks Dallas :)
  12. That is not the same battery. The specs may be close but the under carriage is slightly different...not sure that it would "slide in".
  13. There is a patch on Custom Tone (HD 500)
  14. Same issue here Goat. I disabled AVP and Ghostery and still same error ?
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