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  1. Gator G-MIX-L-1224 leave about 1 inch side to side but is a good fit. It comes with a divider that can fill up the empty inch. You can get one for $49.95 because they are discontinued. It is pretty rugged and has stiff supports (not a HARD case but very stiff).
  2. A couple of weeks ago the USB quit in my HD 500. Now the unit is in a boot loop and when I run the diagnostics the SDRAM test never finishes. Is there a document that tells how to use the diagnostic mode? Monkey can't see it to re-flash. There are no service center within 300 miles of here. Is there a document that tells which chips are the SDRAM? Is there a document that tells how to use JTAG To diagnose this? or am I stuck and now just need a new unit? Since I am a loyal Line 6 Customer (POD 2.0 , SPIDER VALVE I and II, POD HD and HD 500, JT Variax) maybe they can cut me a deal on a helix? Does anyone know what the reliability of the helix unit is like?
  3. I have exactly the same issue. SIERRA, POD HD/HD 500 7.6.7 driver is suggested by Monkey. I have uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled using monkey and manually. Monkey still wants me to update the driver to 7.6.7. Have this been resolved?
  4. What if you have this on a MAC? Analog outputs stop working when USB connected?
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