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  1. Thanks - yes - I checked the version of everything. I think this is a different guitar than you have in your records. The black one you worked on got sold (stupidly). I bought another off Reverb. The seller is getting it back soon so you'll likely see this one showing up on your bench.
  2. If you saw my other post, I bought a mint condition 69S which was flawless in every way except that either the USB interface or the guitar was faulty and would not connect to a computer. Most of the listings on Reverb don't include the USB Interface and claim the guitar "works perfectly". Which, clearly they can't guarantee as they have no idea if the guitar can connect to a computer assuming you bought a USB interface. I'm just wondering how secure you folks feel about buying a Variax w/o an interface. A side note: since the USB interface is included in the Variax package, it seems to me that any listing w/o one should be listed as "Fair" as the part is missing. Maybe I'm wrong - did L6 ever sell Variaxes w/o interfaces?
  3. I bought a 69S from reverb. WB HD won’t connect on my Mac. My guess is that the firmware is old so I wanted to update it so that it can connect to WB HD. I tried using monkey on my Son’s older Mac and it sees the interface. There are two green lights. But the guitar doesn’t show up. 1/4” plug was in. I’ve also tried TRS volume on Max battery is full I’ve tried the stock CAT cable and a couple of others. I’m in the process of doing a return on Reverb but my preference would be to keep the guitar. I’ve had a 69S for years before I sold it and never had these problem so it’s not like I’m total noob when it comes to Variax. I’m just stumped. any other ideas?
  4. I looked on the site and don't see any pickguards. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?
  5. Just wondering for those of you that play out through a PA system - where do you set the volume knob? When I owned a Helix, the general consensus was to leave the knob at 100%.
  6. Wow - great idea! I didn't think of that. Our little router should have 5Ghz also. I'll have to try it. L-
  7. You probably have something about the wireless router being too close. At our rehearsal, our mixer has a wireless router and my pedal board was less than 3 feet from it. That's got to be the problem. I'll try changing channels to see if that improves things. What interesting is that we had a big gig Saturday night and the G10S worked perfectly. No dropouts at all and all green bars the entire time. During sound check, I was even able to go out into the audience area and only started dropping when I was over 40 feet away. Thanks for the tip Kritan!
  8. Question - I just used my new G10S at our rehearsal. It cut out if I was more than a few feet away. Especially if I were to the left of the unit facing down. I had the channel set to auto. Is it better to pick a channel?
  9. I posted the problem on TheGearPage and one of the Line 6 product managers replied with: Apple decided to change its sandboxing requirements for GarageBand in the Golden Master release of High Sierra; that is, we (and many others in this industry) had no warning of this change until right before High Sierra was made public. The next release of Helix Native will address this. Here's a link:
  10. I'm getting an error in Garageband that says that the Native plugin needs to be updated. Native worked fine in Garageband under Sierra but since the update won't load. I know that Native is working because it runs fine in Ableton Live. Can anyone else confirm? Thanks!
  11. SOLVED! I did more reading and say the HD is installed by the Monkey. Thanks
  12. Not sure if anyone else has seen this but I get an error that says that Variax Workbench won't install on OSX High Sierra. It says "This software requires Mac OS X 10.5 or above"
  13. The tone I'm getting from Native is pretty bad. I have an iRig HD interface. Could this be the problem?
  14. When doing a bundle export, I'm getting an yellow error bar at the top that says something like preset data has "invalid formatting". This happens consistently at 64%. At that point, the helix editor is locked up and I must force quit. I can export individual presets and have backed up each of my presets without a problem. Mac OS Sierra 10.26.
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