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  1. I searched and found no answer. If my Helix floor switches are set for both snaps & stomps (4 snapshots in top row, 4 stomps in bottom row), and I select a stomp effect while in one snapshot, then select another snapshot, the stomp is off in the new snapshot, as it should be, but then if I return to the original snapshot the stomp I turned on earlier is still on, which can be a pain in many cases. I'm still a helix newb and was wondering if there's a setting somewhere to make snapshots "forget" that some stomp had been enabled last time it was selected? Thanks.
  2. Some people say they think the Headrush FRFR is too dark-sounding. I've got one, though, and I like it. Got a good deal on a new one. There's a new Laney out that people are saying good things about, and it's under $400.
  3. The Boss/Roland EV-5 is pretty small, and I've read posts that say it works fine with Helix.
  4. I used an Altair PW-5 Attenuator back in the day and it worked great with my blackface Twin Reverb.
  5. If I had pedal board as wide as some of these I'd have to use traffic cones to keep my lead singer from stepping on it.
  6. I have a Headrush FRFR, and love it, but I like the way it sounds more when it's not pointed directly at me, either in front like a wedge monitor, or from behind, like a traditional amp. It's probably not spikiness per se, but it always sound better to my ears if it's angled slightly away from straight-on. That's just me, though, others probably like a direct shot.
  7. I have a Marshall dsl40c with creambacks as well (replaced the 70/80s), but I just bought one of those Headrush FRFRs. The headrush sounds very good, I'm not at all disappointed, but I'm thinking of trying the loop return on the Marshall just to hear what it sounds like. So, the idea is to bypass any Helix cabs or IRs, correct? I suppose I could copy a few of my go-to presets and remove the cabs on the copies in order to run the test. I wonder if any of you have tried both real amp loop return AND an FRFR powered speaker and have feedback on the results?
  8. Re-amping is a good way to go. But I prefer using the digital out, and I don't think it works for re-amping.
  9. I found the support page that describes the process, so no responses are needed. :) http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/general-faq/model-packs-licenses-faq-r490
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