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  1. Firmware: HX Edit 2.81, Helix FW 2.82.0 OS: OS X High Sierra Bug: Just filed a ticket for a setlist corruption issue that I've had multiple times tonight when copying patches around within a setlist. Giant chunks of the setlist will become corrupted (names scrambled or blank, and previously empty patches filled with random dsp blocks). Attempts to overwrite the corrupted patches crash the helix & require a power-on-reset. Rebuild all patches doesn't fix this, nor does restore from backup. The only solution I've found is to reset all presets/setlists & manually restore the patches, however, I had the exact same issue pop up on a different setlist while restoring my patches, so I'm not sure if it's just a game to see when it'll next strike or what. Found one other person w/ the same issue about a week ago: https://line6.com/support/topic/52598-corrupted-presets/ which, combined with the way it moved between setlists for me tonight, tells me it's not likely a flash memory failure, but an actual bug in writing patches to flash in this latest fw version. EDIT: just realized somehow I was still using HX Edit 2.81. I'll update to Edit 2.82 and verify it's still an issue.
  2. Oddly enough, I wiped all presets/setlists & all was good again. Tried manually restoring my patches to a *different* setlist one at a time (not from a setlist backup), and that setlist got corrupted, too. I'm trying to narrow down if one specific patch is causing it, or if it's just interacting with hx edit that's my problem... The way it followed me into a different setlist in much the same way makes me doubt it's a problem with the flash itself?
  3. @themetallikid I just had the same exact problem (fw ver 2.82) - landed here searching for any others w/ this issue. Mine's a couple of ranges of contiguous patches in setlist #3 that were previously "New Preset" and are now all corrupted. Same symptom - can't overwrite them w/o error, and trying to blanks the helix screen requiring a reboot. I was hoping it was just a memory corruption, but I'm not encouraged by the fact that yours persisted after a wipe. Maybe I'll try /not/ doing the restore from backup & see if that helps...
  4. Honestly the only thing you really have to be attentive to is the input impedance. By default it'll be set to 'auto' which sometimes lends itself to impedance mismatches that cause awkward volume drops or pedal misbehavior. If you pay attention to your pedals' output impedance & set the Stomp's input to something appropriate, it behaves amazingly well with every amp model I've tried.
  5. Now this thread is more my speed :) Gotta admit, as much as I resisted it, the MIDI control options open up a whole new world... I've got the MC6 configured for patch and snapshot + bypass looper controls primarily, but always have a hidden quick-jump menu one click away that has deep dive commands set up for the looper, stomp, Riverside, and Big Sky that I can jump in and back out of easily to tweak on the fly. It's wired up to support 4CM, direct out to FoH, or both simultaneously (amp is in an fx loop). Loving it!
  6. Just to follow up on this: after sending an example patch and video of the problem, Line6 support was able to reproduce this behavior & has filed a bug ticket to be fixed in a future FW rev. There's definitely a flash read/write bug wrt the snapshot tempos in 2.71.
  7. Haven't found this in a search, but has anybody else had major issues with snapshot based tap tempos not working lately? HX Stomp FW ver 2.71 - tempos set to per snap, snap changes set to discard. When editing a snap (eg to enable a block) and then saving, the snap will at times arbitrarily adopt (and save) the stored tempo for a different snapahot. This happened to me about 4 times over the weekend when trying to save quick updates to gain structures. Additionally, tapping manually to override the current snapshot's (eg ss3) tempo, then switching to a different snap and back does *not* restore the snap's (ss3) stored tempo. Instead, it reverts to whatever I tapped while 3 was last selected, regardless of the fact that snapshot changes are set to discard. Seems tap tempos are all squirrelly in this FW version - is this an issue on floor/lt or just stomp?
  8. I'll add one more solid vote for the MC6. IMO, Morningstar is lightyears ahead of the DMC in terms of flexibility and capability, not to mention overall design quality. The DMC doesn't even come close as far as I'm concerned. Re: your second question - by default on the Stomp, the base predefined midi commands can only selectively manipulate presets or snapshots or reproduce the function of any one of the Stomp footswitches. *HOWEVER*, you can selectively assign any individual dsp block on the stomp to learn a unique MIDI CC message from the controller, and toggle that setting on and off just by sending that CC witha value of 0-63(off)/64-127(on). As far as I can tell, that's always possible regardless of play mode/stomp footswitch setup, since you've baked it into the chain. It's really super flexible. See page 48 on the Stomp manual for info on custom bypass per block via MIDI.
  9. Yeah sorry - didn't mean to have my contempt for the shortcoming bleed through in my response. :) The sad part is that snapshots are flat out amazing, and the hx stomp shortchanges that feature in a way that feels excessive and artifically limiting. I suspect (and this is pure speculation) that even though the stomp technically supports 5 footswitches, the extra features associated with capacitive touch made it simpler to just limit to 3 snapshots. I'd like to believe the reason is more complicated than that, but somehow I don't believe it is. 3 is just a very small number, and once you get into the territory of compensating with a more capable midi switcher (eg the mc6) the question of why you'd chose stomp vs LT really comes back into play.
  10. Kilrahi, I think you're missing one of the fundamental benefits of snapshots vs presets - the delay (however subjectively short) associated with forcing the unit to load a new dsp chain (preset) vs the instantaneous response of a snapshot change. That's kind of the entire beauty behind snapshots. If you're stopping in between songs, sure preset changes get you there just fine. If you rely on continuity and trails, you're screwed. So surely, your proposed scenario does *not* cover most situations for any of us in that boat. Also, yes, I've considered "stompshots" (and will actually be using a MC6 to do exactly this to overcome the snapshot limitation) - it just stinks for those of us whose setlists change drastically one week to the next to now have to program two units for every change as opposed to being able to leverage capability that's a huge boon in every other helix family platform.
  11. Agreed 100%. I can get behind even eliminating the dynamic dsp at this price point, but the 3 snapshot limit feels extremely underhanded as a user. I was really hoping to see it expanded to at least 4 or 5 in 2.70, but alas, no. Really hope they'll at least consider this for future fw revs...
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