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  1. Sorted , I think , well it's certainly a lot better than it was as not had any losses or connection issues since doing the following . First off deleted the app from iPad , then did a factory reset on amp , then reinstalled the app , switched on amp ,paired the Bluetooth (also deleted other devices my iPad can pair with) . Opened the app and went into settings . The latest update was showing as not carried out so did the update then factory reset the amp . Now fingers crossed everything seems to be working perfect . Don't know if the initial factory reset cleared the last update , or if when I'd done the update about a week ago , it hadn't worked ( even though at the time it said it had and was no longer showing in the settings ) but for whatever the reason installing it again seems to have done the trick . Offer of a cheap Amplifi removed .
  2. I had tuning issues with my 59 , all came down to the fact I tune to Eb and the guitar was misinterpreting the note being played to what it thought it would be in standard tuning ( someone did explain it technically but that's what I got from it) . Once I tuned to standard the tuning knob and the virtual capo function worked perfectly . As long as you are tuned standard then it does sound like the guitar is faulty
  3. Don't know how to do screen shots , but in the app at the bottom it comes up with the lost connection message , the guitar can still be played but using the tone last loaded , any new tones selected or suggested and loaded by the app don't work . You can still hear the song playing all be it with drop outs . I'm using iPad 3 and a Samsung S6 both with the latest operating updates installed , the S6 works slightly better than the IPad and can last 3 or 4 songs before the problems start . The iPad usually loses it connection after one or two , or if I try to select a different suggested tone . Just going to try reinstalling everything from scratch again , did the factory reset after updating the hardware but the problem came back immediately so if this doesn't work I don't know .
  4. I'm really getting to the end of my tether now , doing everything suggested , everything updated , uninstalled, reinstalled, every combination of powering up the amp and app you can think of .And even with this latest update promising that Bluetooth connectivity has been addressed I'm still not able to use the amp as it was advertised to us . Yes it works great if I want to play my iTunes library , and to be fair for about 2 minutes once I'm using the Amplifi app , but then it's back to lost connections , not loading tones , audio drop out . I'm a guitarist , I bought this product to use with a guitar , and after all this time , all these updates , line6 still haven't delivered a product that allows me to do that as promised . Anybody want to buy an Amplifi 75 , cheap ?
  5. Same here , been happening for a while now and only on mags . Again out of warranty so I just use the toggle switch to rectify. During the year I was waiting for mine to be delivered there was a reported problem of to much flux/solder being used on the toggle switch during construction but can't remember if this was affecting mags or the modelled sounds . Not convinced it's the same problem as then it was apparent quite soon on receiving the guitars and the manufacturers were informed quite quickly and the issue was dealt with at source . I'd had mine for over a year when it first happened so might just be a faulty toggle .
  6. Mines been doing something similar for about a year now , when I'm playing through the mags switch to the neck pup and complete silence , quick jiggle on the selector switch and it kicks back in , no issues with the modelling side plus I've rolled back because the hd upgrade is a joke so it's nothing to do with the software , seem to remember an issue with the selector switch having too much flux/ solder when the guitars first started shipping out but can't remember if it was effecting the mags or the modelled sounds .love the way it waited till the warranty was up before surfacing .
  7. Rolled back , but as soon as line 6 sort out the strat setting and the different volume issues I'll be back to the HD version , I prefer some of the semis on the HD but I use the strat sound more so it's version 1.9 for now .
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