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  1. I plug into JCM800/900/2000 and sometimes an Orange in band practice. (All amp front no 4cm) It all sounds great. I imagine any amp with high headroom will work fine. No experience with powered speakers though.
  2. There two new models both sound killer. Big thanks to Line6 guys. Hope they release the clean channel soon.
  3. Lonestar is like instant andy timmons. love it. can't wait for the clean channel. BE100 is pure rock n roll machine. I'll never go back to the marshall model to be honest.
  4. I'm using my helix lt to the front of amp with absolutely fantastic results. The OD models sounds very true to me. Chain: Compressor---Volume Pedal---od1---od2---chorus---tremoblo---delay---reverb
  5. Diesel VH4, But what i really want is that they can refine their fuzz sounds.
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