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  1. Old thread I know but did you ever get anywhere? I have recently set up some HD500/dt25 patches that do (I think) what you are looking for. To check, are you looking to get a preset where one of the 5-8 footswitches will toggle between different two amp blocks, basically emulating a two channel amp? Does that even make any sense??!! The method I use ends up taking a fair bit of processing and effects blocks, so you can't get carried away. I also can't remember the full settings but will look if this is what you are looking for. Basically, I put Amp Model A in the left signal path and Amp Model B in the right but output both to the same DT amp. I use a volume pedal block in path A and another in path B, before each amp, each set to zero, one turned on and one turned off, each set to be switched on and off by pedal 6 with no expression pedal control. When you press pedal 6, it will switch one volume pedal on (muting the signal as it's set to zero) and the other off (allow the signal through). Something that looks a little like this - Volume - Amp A Guitar - Wah < > Chorus - Digital Delay - Plate Reverb - Output Voume - Amp B I found that I can have wah, simple mod pedal, digital delay and plate reverb with the two amp blocks fine but there's too little processor power for a fancy spring reverb or tape delay. The actual volume pedals effects use practically no processor power anyway (I tested this out), it's the two amps that make the difference. Obviously, using the dt25 I am able to use Amp Pre Models to further reduce CPU usage.
  2. I use a 5 string bass with EMG PJ active pickups, into a HD500 with the Fliptop model, into a dt25, into a 2x12 with Celestion G12K100s and it sounds great. This is for home use right? Why bother buying another cab unless you're playing at a volume likely to blow the speakers, which realistically, you should not be doing at home. Unless you want your neighbours to kill you..... The HD500 has enough options with EQ to get a good sound through a guitar cab. Try it and have fun!
  3. What octavers just drop the root note of a chord? I've never come across such a thing.
  4. It's not so bad if you use the HD with a DT amp as you only use the Amp Pre models, which is exactly what I do. My very effects heavy patches I run as single channels amps, the other stuff I do as follows: Set inputs as 'Same' --------Volume Pedal ------- Amp--------Unused------------- Wah < >Mixer--------Modulation-------- Delay--------Reverb-------Looper--------- --------Volume Pedal ------- Amp--------Noise Gate/Eq---- I set the volume pedals to '0' so that when they switch on they mute the signal, turn off the Exp Pedal control and FS2 controls both to toggle between the two. The Volume Pedal modules use minimal CPU so there's still enough processing power to run a modest modulation, delay and reverb. If I wanted a little more, I could turn off the reverb and use that on the DT but it's not something that I really find happens.
  5. I owned a TC Polytune (which I sold when I bought my HD500) and numerous other tuners before that. I actually believe that something is wrong with the tuner in my HD500. I don't have another tuner to compare it to but if I tune it to the HD500, it often sounds wrong and I have to tweak some strings. As a guitarist of 22 years, I know how to tune and had no trouble with my Polytune. There's something just not right about the HD500 to me.
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