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  1. +1 for the dual amps and using less gain/more volume. You might also want to try a slightly drier tone and use EQ to ensure your tone isn't competing with other instruments in the mix.
  2. My HD Pro went through the update process fine, and the new model packs loaded without a hitch. Agree with robbieb61 on the 5150 - I was very underwhelmed by that. But it's great to have the old POD Farm models and I spent ages noodling on the Jazz Chorus...love it. I was impressed with some of the Variax presets too and will explore these and the new models more over the weekend. Particularly looking forward to blasting the new bass models through my L3ts :-)
  3. wicker_man

    Firmware 2.6

    I've updated Monkey to v1.70. It is saying that I have the latest firmware already, but I have 2.32.... Don't understand... how do I get the 2.60 firmware?
  4. wicker_man

    Firmware 2.6

    Thought it must be imminent as L6 has just put up a promo video on their Facebook page... :D
  5. wicker_man

    Firmware 2.6

    Looks like the info pages with the model packs state the required hardware as both 'X' and straight HD models, which is good news for those of us running the older hardware. Patience people, I sense an announcement will be imminent! :D
  6. I'm very happy with my L3t. I sold my DT25 head to part fund a second one. Sounds immense and totally versatile for electric, acoustic, keys and vox.
  7. Yeah, the Stagesource is great for bass. I've got a pair of L3ts and an HD500 Pro. Looking forward to the model packs to get some more bass action going!
  8. Some info on a 1972 OR-80: http://tymguitars.com.au/blogs/blog/8787301-1972-orange-or80 And another video:Orange OR80 - YouTube
  9. Great news about the 2.6 firmware and model packs, and especially happy to see it include some bass models. The 5150 is gonna make a lot of people very happy, myself included. :-D
  10. Bob My new tuners arrived today and just as you said, they were a breeze to fit and work like a treat. Guitar is sounding great with a new set of EXL110's and the new tuners. Thanks again for the tip! I'll be getting another set for my PRS now Cheers Neil
  11. I have a JTV, POD HD Pro, DT 25 Head and an L3t. The sound from the POD into the L3t is as good to my ear as with the DT25, which is why I have made the decision to sell my DT25. I love my JTV59 - it is the guitar I play most these days, at the expense of a PRS and EBMM JP6. Therefore, if I were in your position, I would choose the JTV and play 'direct' to PA with the POD. Yes, PA's can vary wildly, but if you're micing up a DT25 then that will be subject to similar variability in the PA. If you want the most versatile solution, the JTV is the way to go (alternate tunings, acoustics etc, etc..) If you do decide to go the DT25 route and are in the UK, feel free to contact me ;-)
  12. Great spot, and best of all it's a UK supplier :-) Think I'll be getting a couple of sets of these - one for my JTV59 and one for my PRS. I love the locking tuners on my EBMM JP6 and these look pretty similar. It's a shame I can't get a replacement JTV bridge in gold, otherwise I'd go the the gold tuners. Would look killer with the tobacco JTV!
  13. This is one of the great things about the JTV and Dream Rig setup. I really should make more use of using the JTV controls myself.
  14. I often use it for panning between, or blending, acoustic and electric tones.
  15. I think it is a bit much to ask Line 6 to implement new functionality into existing product lines for no cost. As consumers, we purchased a piece of equipment at a defined specification level with defined level of functionality. Updates should be provided to address software defects whilst the product is supported by the company, but personally I consider any new functionality a bonus. From my point of view, I think it would be nice if Line 6 were able to sell additional or alternative amp and effect models for the POD HD products, however the architecture of the current product may not permit this approach.
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