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  1. Hi Everyone I should've mentioned that a Helix is $2400 AUD in Australia, I can only dream! Thanks everybody for your help, have set up my old one as a recording interface now Cheers, Tony
  2. Thanks bjnette, will certainly let you know... am also going to use it as a recording interface as well! Just not enough hours in the day to fit all of this fun.
  3. Many many thanks to everyone for your input and swift replies! Hi again, Many, many thanks to everyone for your input and swift replies! What a great community! Had considered using the loop blocks but was a little unsure about how to configure the switching side of things as I'm a newbie with MIDI. Also was unsure if there was any type of master/slave setup you could use with the L6 link data link. Forgot to mention that I use the unit mostly via my old '85 Mesa boogie via 4-cable method and use preamp-only amp sims, so sorry if that wasted anyone's time. Any other tips most welcome Will be able to hit the user manual now with confidence. Downside for the family is I can see myself being a hermit in my man-cave tinkering and enjoying myself for an extended amount of time. Cheers :) Anthony
  4. Hello everyone, I have 2 x POD HD500s, my original road-worn thing with broken pots and jacks etc and a near-new one I have just bought. I would like to somehow link them together so that the new one will control both PODs with the output of both being available at the 1/4" outs of one only. Any tips from anyone...? Many Thanks, Anthony (Australia)
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