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    Thank You!

    Completely agree. Functional and fun. I was an early adopter and these updates are like Christmas.
  2. Any suggestions for an additional delay pedal that compliments the Helix and does some things the Helix cannot do? Thinking Red Panda Particle 2 right now. Thank you!
  3. I've been pretty excited for this update. Going through some old projects I realized something. I made 100x more songs (and ideas) with the ole' kidney bean back in the day then I have made with my Helix by far! so I decided to go back to basics and try to recreate some of the old sounds and explore what I have now. I also sold all of my pedals and set the Helix up on a stand, I know that is kind of odd because it is a floor unit, but it is really nice to have it closer. My point? Well, don't really have one. I just figured since I refresh this page every 4 minutes all day, I might as well post something. Or maybe, enjoy what you have. This has been said often, but man this thing is so great. I haven't had this much fun playing since I was in High School.
  4. Thank you for posting those sounds. I've never had a BigSky but I will be selling my Polara and Obscuru Digitech pedals because of the 2.50 update.
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