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  1. actually the line out is the loudest and no where near the same output as the l6.. so it basically cant be done without a booster
  2. I have my HD500 connected to my DT25 via L6.. However I have decided to use my blackstar amp in tandum via the 1/4 output.. My problem is the volume levels are wildly different. I have to almost max out my blackstar volume to match the L6 connection on the DT25 at just a moderate volume.. Is there anyway to increase the 1/4 output to more closely match the L6. this isnt a patch issue this is across the whole spectrum. or am I trying something that shouldnt be done?
  3. I have a somewhat different problem and its across the board.. not just one patch I have HD500 l6 connection on my dt25. but to connect a second amp (blackstar) im using 1/4 output on the hd500 to the blackstar...and the volume level is a lot lower. I almost have to peg out the blackstar to balance the 2 out at moderate volumes.... Is there a way to increas the output of the 1/4 out to more closely match what I am getting from the L6 connection???
  4. I need the link to the firware .. The link is no longer available on the site... Just a page showing what the update does... directs you to a download section that doesnt have the firmware available... could someone email me a url.. or if the program is small enough ... an attachment..... notqytryt@netzero.com
  5. need a link for the dt25 head firmware .. firmware does not seem to be available for this unit on the line 6 website.. just info on what the update does.. i find this strange... email me a url to notqytryt@netzero.com thanx
  6. Hey this may seem odd but I can not find the firmware update for the DT25 hd the line 6 website shows all the features of the update but doesnt have any link to get it.. can some one send me a url or website address to get it.
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