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  1. Tengo el mismo problema! Lo más raro es que me ocurrió en dos equipos distintos. Quizás sea un virus o algo así. De lo que estoy seguro es que corresponde a software... El dealer no lo pudo arreglar, entonces tengo un Flextone III y un Spider Valve 112 que son basura...
  2. I have the same problem! first i was the problem with my flextone III, then i bought the spider valve 112, and surprise, the same problem again. I think that is a programing problem. I tried all, reload the program, reload the patches, reload all, and nothing. May be the high humity affect the device, because is my case (south of Chile), but i still haven't found the solution... Line 6 support only said contact your dealer. ah! My dealer could not fix the problem when I sent my Flextone III. BAD NEWS!!!..............
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