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  1. Most amps have passive EQ circuits right? That would mean that they do nothing at maximum and bleed more signal to ground as you turn it down. If you want to "bypass" the preamp EQ, you would turn up all the tone knobs to maximum. Not sure about that and whether the Helix models that "correctly" but it's food for thought. It doesn't really matter much either way, whatever sounds good ... sounds good. ;)
  2. ITT: DI still doesn't know what "user experience" means. Who cares that someone uses the wrong words? It's not their job to define the technical problem, it's the customer's job to tell you what task they find hard to solve. It's yours to translate that to technical specifications / changes or usability changes when the problem is user error. I find your attitude towards your customers very tiring. People can be entitled, they can be stupid, they can have the wrong ideas or be using the wrong words to describe something. It doesn't matter. In the end they are using the product and are feeling friction or are unable to do something they should be able to. There's a lot of energy spent here on trying to disprove what someone is feeling - as if that is possible - instead of on what exactly the cause of the issue is. The Helix is a beautiful evolution of UX for guitar, it absolutely beats the hell out of anything before it in terms of usability. If you want to keep evolving it and maintain that quality you really need to take your customers experiences more seriously.
  3. It can easily do the routing and seperate tones for sure. The pitch shifting on the other hand will fall completely flat with chords, if you tend to stick to single note lines though it'll be fine (and maybe they'll improve it, but don't buy gear based on promises)
  4. He's not the OP, how does that work?! I love by the way how the guys accusing people of trolling are actually being the biggest trolls. Wow. I thought this forum was better than Fractal's, but I'm beginning to have my doubts.
  5. You're overblowing my statements into "ridiculous demands", that doesn't exactly help create a constructive discussion. I stated exactly what would satisfy me: about half the latency would be acceptable. Still not super awesome but fine considering the other advantages that Helix brings over the alternatives. I sent my Helix back (I wasn't kidding, it was unworkable :( ) so I can't test the snapshots at the moment. That said: I use 3, maybe 4 different sounds in many songs, so keeping that within one preset feels very limited (since DSP runs out quick when you want to use multiple amps). I don't think snapshots would fix my problem because it still assumes that everything can be built in a preset and doesn't expand the available DSP (obviously).
  6. If this is true it would be awesome! Could you (or anyone) make a quick recording of some complex patches switching around?
  7. Jezus some of the responses on here are pathetic. There is absolutely no way someone can not like this product eh? :rolleyes: More than enough post-purchase-rationalization to go around apparently.
  8. Yay let's create some stereotypes to love ourself and hate other people by.
  9. The most effective would be a sidechained gate that senses on the input but actually gates after all the gain. Kinda like the NS2 but then actually good. ;) The beta software on the GSP added that and it's heaven, you can build insane patches (DS1 on full gain into an SLO for instance) and it doesn't give a beep unless you want it to. :)
  10. See it come to a fruitful conclusion. I'm still invested in the overall development of digital guitar effects. If Line 6 tackles this problem in this generation it will most likely not be an issue in the next and they can tackle other problems. That said: thanks for the useful contribution to the information and tone of this thread...
  11. People will always want better stuff. But the request here hasn't been "WE NEED SEAMLESS PATCHSWITCHING AND ETERNAL SPILLOVER!" it has been "can the latency be reduced to an acceptable level?" There has barely been a question about how much lower would make it usable. The whole discussion is about it not being possible, workarounds and calling people that disagree with you trolls. You guys really need to stop making this discussion about the validity of someone's experience. You don't imagine a silence between patch switches, it's there. You don't imagine missed notes, they are there ... IF you play in a situation that causes them. Apparently a lot people here play slower music or at home or in a two-guitar band, I don't know what, but the fact that this isn't a problem to you does not make it a non-issue to everybody. This is product design 101 and as a community, don't you want the best out of the product you have? That being said, as I previously said: if it were halved it would make the product usable to me. My input is of course moot since it's going back, but still, I'm interested to see what others think about that? You can test it by making a recording, cutting in the silence and shifting the second bit.
  12. It's actually based on the Fryette LXII. Not switching, stereo 50/50 watt, only 6L6. They couldn't use EL34s in there because of the heat they produce. (in a 1U box you don't have much space to dissipate that properly)
  13. That is my setup, and I can tell you it rocks! And I don't need to tell you about the weight then haha, that RM100 weighs two moons!
  14. Yes, I understand that it works for you and others, that is very clear by now. Congrats on having what is IMO the best modeler that currently exists. Enjoy! (seriously, I'm glad you have something that works for you) I'm not selling, using money-back guarantee. :) There are some other factors, lack of stereo IRs and not as much DSP power as expected, in the end this was the dealbreaker. Apparently modeling is just not where it needs to be yet for me. Luckily it's not in the sound quality but in "logistics" around it, so I expect that over time these things will def. be overcome. In the mean time I suddenly have a lot of money for pedals haha, everybody's happy ;)
  15. Let's make something clear: the reason I might be edgy about this is because I really want it to be good enough. In almost every way it is. That is a huge feat, coming from the rig I described above. I really like this unit and respect Line 6 a lot for their design of it. No Fender for me haha, I need a tad more gain ;)
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