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  1. @Radatats, that's pretty much what I did at the beginning and that works excellent, I don't really need anything special if I'm just recording a clean signal. Though what I was after in this case was to easily take any patch, just add an fxloop an go. I mostly use two amps I need both channels free. @fflbrgst (you're parents must've hated you giving you that name ;) ) In this scenario it's only one interface that's connected to the computer, the pod's connected to the interface. BUT I've solved it :) I used fxsend to the interface (no return) and switched it to line, then from the interface headphone-jack (since it doesn't have one stereo line-out) to the pods cd/mp3 in VOILA! I had totally forgotten about that input :P Now I can adjust the guitar and the playback signal separately without changing any levels in the daw.
  2. I think at least. My Idea is to record a clean signal while listening to the processed with the 500x What I'm thinking is put a FXloop in the beginning of the chain (where the signal is still clean) and in the fxsend-output I connect a sound interface. So the first part is ok, I get a clean signal to the computer and with the mix set to 0 on the 500x I get the processed signal in the speakers. But, I also need to hear the playback I'm recording too, so I need to get a signal back from the interface to the 500x. I thought that would be easy by just putting an other fxloop in the end of the chain set only to return, but it seems I can only use one fxloop per chain?!? No one got a hack or suggestion for this?
  3. Yes, that is what I'm doing right now, I can then save them as a bundle/setlist to easily load them again. But what I'm asking for is to load a bunch of single patches at ones that is not already in a bundle/setlist. Alternative have a little program that make a bundle file out those single patches. Like alienux said it is a little bit faster doing one by one if you are in offline mode (not having to wait for the pod to also load), but to load multiple patches at once would be nice
  4. sirspikey

    Bundle creator?

    I often trade patches with others and get them in separate files. Then I load them one and one in the editsoftware etc. Is there some smart little program which can create a bundle/setlist-file directly in the explorer, so I can load them as a bundle?
  5. That's the thing, I have had same problem on three different computers with the 500x AND before that same issue with the pod XT on two computers?!? Did some research, since I didn't get any answers from the support, and the hot topic was how the line6 drivers handled USB traffic. -I have no Idea what is what, I play music, I'm not a computer wiz!
  6. Nothing? I guess the rumors about line6 support are true then?
  7. aha, this was enlightening :) If I got it correct "Amp in" is were you normally would plug your guitar? and "Pod out" would be the normal 1/4" out?
  8. Contacted the support about 2 years ago regarding my secondhand Pod XT. I would be doing whatever on the computer, playing guitar, games, videos etc and suddenly the sound would disappear. Trying to change to another soundcard didn't work or anything regarding sound for that matter because somehow the sound was 'locked' or I presume, stuck in a loop... The support told me it was a hardware problem, since we'd tried everything else, and suggested I sent it to repair. I didn't though, I just kept going, only had to restart the computer when it happened so I didn't feel like spending money on something I'd pay 50 euro for. But now I have bought a new HD 500X and it is fine and all, BUT suddenly the sound disappeared... Hardware malfunction? Hardly. I've been checking some old forum post and I'm not the only one with this problem. So my suggestion to Line6 is that you gather as much information you can on this problem and fix it. I would start by checking your codes for handling the USB...
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