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  1. Thanks for the thoughtful links. Yes I have a built in tuner in ableton live which I use sometimes but the fact that I have to do 3 or 4 clicks to get to the tuner plugin and then open the hx edit window anyway to setup the guitar sound makes me feel like it would be simpler and intuitive to simply have it built into the hx edit program. @phil_m Well the global wet/dry control in the helix native plugin would be useful because in plugin form I've found myself using it on vocals, drums and other sounds aside from just guitars that would benefit from this feature. Yes I could drop it on an effects bus and use that to control wet/dry but why make the end user do a work around by excluding that feature when 99% of other plugins have a global wet/dry control built in. Also I'd imagine having a global wet/dry knob at the top of the native plugin would be easier to get to than finding the specific mix control for a reverb or delay effect since the mix controls are not standard as the first parameter in each effect. These are both first world problem but anything to simplify the user workflow I think is worth looking into.
  2. Yeah I was really hoping the new HX Edit software would allow access to the tuner on screen as well. It's such a pain in the studio that it integrates so well via software yet I still need to walk over to the helix and physically use it to do something as common as tune the guitar. It's an amazing system and piece of hardware but it's the simple things that get to me... like the lack of a global wet/dry control in the helix native plugin.
  3. The first line of my first post I say that it's a jtv-69s... is there another model number I should be sharing along with that? I'll try to re-flash it again. It looks like your 59 was experiencing a similar issue and it was actually something physically wrong with the knob being loose that was causing the behavior. Which clues me in that maybe its not just a software glitch with mine. Thanks for the feedback :-) Just trying to troubleshoot this thing haha
  4. Thanks I've got a ticket about setting up an RMA in motion. I did a firmware downgrade to 1.9 and then did a firmware upgrade back to the latest firmware (2.x) and now the pickup selector toggle switch worked again for 10 minutes but the positions were all mixed up. After that 10ish minutes it switched back to the 3rd position by itself and the pickup selector toggle switch stopped working on the virtual models. It still works on the magnetic pickups just fine. This is seeming more like a software glitch than a hardware issue. It looks like at least 2 other people have had this exact issue here: http://line6.com/support/topic/2756-jtv-69-5-way-toggle-piezo-pickups-will-not-stay-on-position-2-or4/ Does my switch just not like the 2.x firmware upgrade?
  5. So it happened again yesterday but this time the selector switch stopped switching between presets. It seems to be stuck on the 1st preset in every bank. The bank knob still works. When I disable the modeling the selector switch still works on the magnetic pickups. I just reflashed the latest firmware with no luck. Do I need to use some sort of contact cleaner, do you think the switch is faulty, or something else up the line? Also I made sure everything was tight as per your recommendation and there didn't seem to be any loose wire/shorts under the pickguard.
  6. Hi I have a jtv-69s and I've been having this issue where I'll be playing and all of a sudden my guitar model will just change. I'm playing into my helix but I don't really touch the helix while playing. It has happened with the Ethernet cable and the 1/4â€cable. I've updated all of the firmware on both my variax and helix. Do you think it could be a short?
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