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  1. I am beginning to doubt if Line6 will even be updating the drivers for the UX2 for Big Sur for Macbook users. They still sell them on the website so you'd think they would do it. It would be nice if they would say one way or the other but it doesn't look like they're going to even do that. Big Sur has been out for a long time now and no updates have been generated by Line6. I have read Big Sur is a complete code re-do so it may be a complex activity to re-code the drivers but it would be nice to at least know if they're working on it. I never updated from Catalina so I can still use mine. There may be a way you can downgrade from Big Sur to Catalina if your UX2 is that important to you. It is important enough to me not to upgrade to Big Sur after all this time.
  2. Line6 Monkey is now Line6 License Manager. You must use that new application.
  3. Hi, I have not used my UX2 for a while and the Gearbox software does not work any more. I run a Macbook Pro with macOS Sierra 10.12.6. Does Pod Farm replace Gearbox? Can I use Pod Farm to play backing tracks and does it have the half speed feature like Gearbox. I'm afraid I'm not very savvy about this stuff. I looked for the latest version of Gearbox and it was from back in 2010. Any help you can provide is appreciated.
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