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  1. I play a racing simulator called iRacing, and their development cycles make L6 look like Usain Bolt. When they announce something as "Coming #soon," that means "maybe in 6 months". A popular meme on iRacing's forums is a photo of a clock where instead of numbers, it just says "soon" all over the dial. Of course, just as with L6, its always well worth the wait. It's certainly maddening though, and I prefer when companies just drop updates as a surprise so I don't spend a month getting excited about it.
  2. Should point out that the Cartographer, unlike the Litigator, is in fact a model of a real amp, which just happens to be a one off custom Ben made for himself. Either way, really cool that we get models of more unique, unusually designed amps alongside the usual Fender and Marshall offerings, and I hope we continue to get stuff like this in future updates.
  3. Forgive me for asking such a basic question, but...have you tried hitting the mode switch? What you're describing sounds like you're in snapshot mode. If its not that, then its something I've never experienced or heard of, and I think a reset would likely fix it.
  4. As someone who does some pretty out there stuff with sounds, I would love to have an autofilter and/or a basic oscillator that could be used to control parameters of other effects. Imagine the possibilities!
  5. Yes, it oscillate very similarly to the real deal and you can absolutely set any parameter(s) to be controlled by the expression pedal. My only gripe is that in my experience (I own both so have been able to A/B them), the helix model transitions to oscillation quicker than the ZVex pedal. On the Helix it can be rather abrupt, where on the original there's a really brilliant fading in of the oscillation over the fading note, with crazy harmonics. I'm going to play with the settings tomorrow though, I'm thinking that the input settings (gate and pad) may dramatically affect that. Maybe I'll try turning those off entirely when using that block...
  6. Yeah, I had a blast! Thanks for letting me hear how my patches sounded through decent speakers. Really cool to hear how different (and uniformly great) everyone sounded. Hopefully a friend or someone from the group can give me a ride if we're doing the next one in Wakefield, without a car that's a pretty difficult trip.
  7. I went with the Gator G-MULTIFX-2411. Fits perfectly, shoulder strap feels solid enough. Wouldn't tour with it but it's great for taking it to my friends' place (or tomorrow, to the Boston meetup!). For the price ($60) it's pretty great.
  8. I just learned an incredible amount from reading this thread. So many interesting ways of setting up the Helix that I've never thought of. Off to tinker some more!
  9. I'll just say that when I was at GC picking up my LT a few weeks ago, I was chatting with the guys in the effects/accessories section. I asked about the Headrush and the response was basically, "yeah, we haven't moved a single unit, and no one has even expressed interest." They said the LT has been flying off shelves. I think the Headrush folks misjudged their market massively - you can rip off a $100 or $200 pedal and consumers won't care because it's not a ton of money, relatively speaking, but on a $1K purchase, people are going to do their homework, they're going to look at videos and go, "hey, this looks like a cheap ripoff of that other thing, and it's not cheaper!"
  10. I'm hoping I can make it! Don't have my schedule for that week yet but I usually have Sundays off.
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