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  1. Just got the delivery of my first Helix. It came with 2.21 and I've blown a good 3 hours trying to jump though various hoops to upgrade to 2.3 I followed the instructions found here: http://line6.com/support/topic/18284-latest-helix-firmware-230%E2%80%94nov-21-2017/ Specifically, the instructions in GREEN, as they seemed to apply to me. My computer system is a Windows 7. After downloading and installing, which seems to work, neither the HX Edit nor the Line6 Updater sees (via USB) the connected, brand new Helix. I have gone through multiple Installs and uninstalls of the Line6 Helix bundles, with multiple reboots after each. I have powered down the Helix, waited 30+ seconds, powered it back up, and restarted one or the other of the applications (HX Edit or Line6 Updater) but they always give error messages stating that the device is not connected. Well, it is connected. I have unplugged the USB (gives the familiar "disconnect" tone on the Windows system) and plugged it back in (and get that familiar "connected" tone on the Windows system). I have used the Device Manager and can positively see that there is a "HELIX" device now connected to the system. At one point, I loaded the previous rev of the Line6 Updater and it actually saw the device connected. I then cleaned off the 2.3 HX Edit and downloaded and installed the previous rev of HX Edit, but no....still can't see the connected device. Arg! I've watched a nice help video, but it offered no hints for my particular issue. Since there are Line6 instructions that tell users to "Use their existing HX Edit to back up presets", it seems that the use-case for new owners (those without an existing HX Edit) might have been skipped....or not tested? I don't know. Can someone please explain how to get over this hurdle? Thanks in advance!
  2. Problem solved. User error. I feel like I owe it to the community to share what I had done wrong even though it really makes me look like the fool! :-) Be sure to know every place where you have assigned an expression pedal to some functionality. It may be that your minimum and maximum values are not what you thought you had set. My sincerest thanks to all of the users who responded so quickly with ideas about what possibly could be wrong.
  3. Great point! I will check that. I'll also try simply reconstructing the patch from ground zero -- taking a blank slot and starting over. Since I can see all of the settings on the amp and effects (even though no sound comes out), it shouldn't be too hard to give that a shot as well.
  4. Good guess, but pretty much impossible in my case. My variax CPU is not actually in my guitars. It's rack-mounted and all of my electrics are Ghost Loaded Floyds that connect to the rack. The volume and tone are in the rack as well, and always cranked to the max. I never touch those knobs.
  5. Greetings, I have an HD500 that I purchased in 2012. I also have a Variax. I use the two together, with the Variax Ethernet cable. At the end of 2015 I updated the firmware on both the Variax and the HD500 to the latest and greatest at that time. I have most of my patches set to also select specific Variax models, including custom tuned models that I created. Everything was working GREAT until yesterday. As a fully immersed computer scientist with an electrical engineering degree as well, it would be strange to hear anyone suggest upgrading the firmware yet again from a configuration that was working fine for over a year. Hopefully, someone has knowledge of the root cause of the following problem, and we won’t need to travel the path of “spray and prayâ€. At this time, I have about 40 patches that work flawlessly. But 3 patches have begun some odd behavior. All three are basic, clean sounds; a noise gate, a red comp, a clean amp with maybe a slight bit of modulation and reverb on the back end. Each patch selects either the Variax banjo, sitar, or a custom tuning. The problem now is that all three of these patches (and only these specific three out of the 40 patches I have programmed) are now dead silent when foot selected. They were working fine a week ago. Since that time, I only made some output balance adjustments between some of the other 40 patches, and not these. If I’m in the POD HD500 Edit app on my desktop, with the HD500 connected via USB, I can load these dead-silent patches to the HD500 from the app and they come alive and sound fine. I can do a “save†on the HD500, and they still play. But as soon as I select another footswitch patch, and try to come back to these problematic patches, they are once again silent. I can even “push†the sound from the POD HD500 Edit, have it come alive and be playing, hit save on the HD500, push the same footswitch assigned to that patch, and it goes dead silent. I have tried a “restore†of sorts by loading saved bundles from 3 and 4 weeks ago. Same problem. I have tried rebooting the 500 (power cycling) --- same problem. I can bring up any working patch, and manually select (on the variax) the banjo, sitar, and custom tuning, and they play fine. Those settings on the Variax are alive and well. WTF, BBQ?!?
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