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  1. I read on here about licence for podfarm 2.5 is only active with ux2? I have axe io ik multimedia.will vst podfarm not work with axe io in ableton for example thank you?
  2. podfarm vst in ableton and logic x will not work with shortboard mk11.what ive discovered is that if I open ableton and arm an audio track then open podfarm standalone I can hear for example the distortion. I can record it in ableton but when I play it back the tone is clean.if I then drop vst podfarm on that track with same setting as standalone ie:comfortably numb it works.all I want to do is use shortboard mk11 to control presets up and down and wah.i can set wah to work vst but not presets.can anyone please tell me how to set up scrolling in vst podfarm 2.5? Standalone works with podfarm and amplitube but not in ableton or lo gic x many thanks guys.
  3. when i set up midi and configure it says pitchbend.its crazy.why this setting?
  4. hi guys im a novice and need help.i have some memory issues and would like help with midi in ableton.in the standalone podfarm i can scroll through setlist patches and set up wah alls fine.in ableton im lost.i have fbv mk11 and fbv app for control.all i want to do is set up pedal to scroll through A. B. C D. in midi when it turns purple i can set knob 1 for wah.what do i use for setlist scrolling please.many thanks
  5. hi guys.ive just got axe io ik multimedia. helix native and podfarm working well in ableton suite and logic x. i have riffworks standard and i used podfarm 2.5 standalone.since i took out podstudio ux2 and got axe io put in podfarm works as standalone.but when i try and use it in riffworks there is no distortion or effects working in the chain. axe io doesnt have anything in its control panel to help. thanks
  6. hi phil.i now unplug my studio monitors at night.seriously.also ive got buffer on highest setting.if i get a few pops and static which i still get on occasions i turn everything off then reboot.its the best i can do for myself.yes high sierra security.i allowed it in mac also.do not plug in toneport ux2 or interface while your downloading podfarm 2.dow load then put usb in after.over all its a million times better than it was.mine was unplayable.there is in my opinion a glitch in there somewhere.
  7. Tried manually no luck.the audio is shocking.cant be ground loop as ive mac and 2 studio monitors left.phone gone and modem.lovic and ableton working fine on audio too.
  8. Ive contacted them 5 days ago. Ita bad as a vst and standalone.ive tried evwrything.also ive scaled down.ie printer and other devices.still no luck.tried buffers and more.
  9. Ive been buying stuff from L6 for years.now they dont answer.yes im angry no ive not been abusive.im on latest high sierra and podfarm 2.59 does not work.line 6 say its good to go.in monkey it says le capitan.surely this cant be a hard question to answer.im getting aweful static popping.its unplayable.please can someone help.cheers guys.
  10. my drivers are up to date etc etc in line 6 monkey.in pod farm 2.5 I'm getting bad static.ive tried different buffers and reset but nothing.sometimes I put on Mac and it works for a bit then starts up again.please help thank you.also popping sounds
  11. hi guys ive updated fbv mk11 express pedal to latest version.when i plug in via usb its saying no line 6 device connected.nothing in monkey either.my wah for example is unassigned.i can see midi learn.it worked on windows 7 but not 10?ive tried all ports usb 2.0 and nothing.i must be doing something wrong.all i want to do is use pedal for wah,thats it.ive spent hours but no luck.any help please would be appreciated.i cant follow manual,dont understand it.many thanks.the proceedure of what i need to do would be fantastic.im a novice lol
  12. hi guys.since my upgrade to windows 10 i have a problem.When i boot up pc and turn on keyboard mininova novation.i open ableton 9 and arm track.its set to line 1 and 2 already.ive got no sound.Meter on ux2 working ok and speakers. i then have to go into midi devices in line 6 and change to instrument then back to line 1 & 2 then it works.its not recognizing 1 & 2.its a pain because i didnt have problem on windows 7.many thanks to you all
  13. Hi guys.im trying to record guitar and vocals at the same Time using gearbox and riff works.just cant do it.ive set it to instrument and mic 1. When I check send 1 &2 or 3&4 in riff works it either plays on separate channels or the volume 18+ boost is on full and you can just about hear it on full.just can't understand this problem.any help please appreciated
  14. hi guys im having a problem.when I use fbv mk11 express pedal with spider iv 75w I can switch patches in USER MODE A/B/C/D. when I change to artist or song on spider amp it doesn't work.no red light next to a/b/c/ or d buttons.help would be appreciated.
  15. Got one brand new A few days ago. ok when i calibrate pedal it does NOT show value 0 to 127.it say calibrated at the but isnt. when its on volume (green light )no sounds but if i go to wah( red )patches work but for each patch i have to wah them individually or i get no sound. Line 6 1.70 monkey all updates done so up to date.many thanks.
  16. im asking for refund this is nasa stuff.manuals are crap.really how is a person supposed to work this out.im intelligent but this is mental.been here 15 hours and nothing in pedal works
  17. just got podfarm 2.57.all good exept for assigning my patches in fbv mk 11 express pedal.sat here for hours.im no tech so need help how do i get my patches into A B C D ?.could someone give me step by step advice.ive tried you tube and the guy stops explaining how to set it up.uuuuurrrrhhhh.lol. im honest and not sure about any of this.dont want to get reinburst as its amazing.many thanks chris.ps: ive got it registered.useing toneport ux2 and windows 7 podfarm 2.57
  18. hi guys ive been using toneport ux2 with buffer set to one notch above extra small.ive noticed that if I have internet open and gearbox on for example in GOOGLECHROME I get loads of pops crackling,drop outs etc.im now using IE 11 and nothing.works like a dream.i like to use youtube backing tracks and its a nightmare with chrome.have to keep re booting pc.also cpu goes up to 100% when using chrome compaired to 49% in ie11.
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