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  1. Ah....ok I think was only for guitar This in another routing case Sorry ;)
  2. Currently I am using this configuration : Out L ( 1/4 ) POD HD500 powered to monitor input ( 1/4 ) , link output of my monitor ( XLR ) to input ( XLR ) mixer . The PA guy manages what comes out, and I can adjust my monitor at will . Until now I have always enjoyed it and I've never had problems to feel on stage and above all I have no problem with the distances given that I'm using XLR cables. It's only too easy for me ;-)
  3. You could try the link output of your powered speaker to Main Mixer I think is the same signal without DI Box
  4. Have You try to improve with MacBook platform? Mybe, different OS, different software, different drivers. I now don't have this possibility ( I have the same your problem with my X3 Live usb port) but if you can try it.... Mybe the problem is only with windows software and drivers. Paolo
  5. My x3 live usb FW is 0.00 and I think that the problem is hardware. In this mode my X3 live can't work with PC. If is posssible to save bundle or tone with other procedure on PC via MIDI with usb midi interface? Gearbox works with MIDI comunication also with X3 LIVE? Thank to all that help me
  6. Hello, I have a pod x3 live and on display there are this information: usb firmware ver 0.00 It's a hardware problem? I must change the my Pod? The problem is that not possible to connect at PC because X3 live use only the usb port. Why isn' t possible to use the midi also? with a midi interface. Someone can help me if there' s some software procedure for to resolve this problem? Thank's
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