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  1. I do a channel scan at each gig and make sure I pick a free channel along with the G50 and G30 users. And so far its been fairly stable as long as I stay within range of the G90 receiver. If I get out of range and it drops, the G10 will grab the channel. Every time.
  2. I talked to support and they said its expected behavior. They suggested setting the G50/90 to channels higher than 5 and then it shouldn't happen. Unfortunately that doesn't happen in situations where there is lots of 2.4G traffic. So I guess we just deal with it.
  3. My bandmates and I all use Relay wireless. I am running the G90, another guy is running the G50 and another guy is running the G10 and G30. We've had an annoying issue with the G10 that drives me nuts. We all power our wireless up and connect before the G10 is undocked. All is well. If for some reason I get out of range of the G90 and it drops connection to my receiver, the G10 will attach to the channel on my G90 receiver automatically. But it is still connected to the G10 dock as well, or so it seems. I can see on my G90 receiver that it says G10T instead of my pack model # but it is still going through the G10 base as well I believe because the mix levels on his fiddle dont change in my ears when it does this. He has to pull the G10 out of his fiddle and plug it back into the base for a while so I can reconnect. Is this normal behavior? If so, its annoying as hell. I would prefer to just just get disconnected and it reconnect once it gets back into range.
  4. Another thing to keep in mind is that there are tons of touring pros that are using L6 products that you never hear of because they are just busy doing their thing and posting photos of their gear doesn't make the top of the todo list. Like the guitarist from Shania Twain, Cory Churko, was all HD500 with Shania and Clarkson. I didn't know that until I stumbled upon some random behind the scenes video about Shania and he did a bit on his live setup. Then I stumbled upon other random videos as I went down the rabbit hole. Denny Hemingson of Tim McGraw uses a POD HD Pro. Most of these guys are working guys that are road dogs that don't spend a lot of time other than the occasional Facebook/Instagram/Tweet to their followers talking about stuff that is happening in their lives and gear photos dont usually make the list if you follow these guys. Oz Fox is using a Helix during their 30th Anniversary tour. You can see it in photos he posts on FB. Lincoln Brewster has posted photos of his Helix but I havent seen it show up in a live rig photo yet, he still rocks the HD500X. So unless they are getting some sort of endorsement deal which has a requirement that they pimp their gear, you may never know what they are using unless you happen to go to a show. I know if I was on the road as much as these guys are there wouldn't be too many gear photos.
  5. MelThorpe

    macOS Sierra ?

    I was using Helix Editor on Sierra last night for a few hours and didnt run into any issues. Also as an interface into Logic X without any issues.
  6. I did a gig recently with the Helix through a M32 Midas and it had zero noise issues. The sound guy said it was one of the easiest "floor units" to get sounding even and sit in the mix correctly that he's worked with. He did have a digital snake though. I'm not sure if that would make a difference. He took a tap off our split snake into his digital snake to his mixer so YYMV.
  7. Inaccurate accuracy resolutions are resolved through accurate granularity and beer. -Abe Lincoln (circa 1938)
  8. The Rockman tone was designed specifically to fit in a specific frequency range. That was the point. He designed it to fit the sound in his head, plus fit in the frequency spectrum that was left over after all the layering of the mixes. Then they tweaked it a bit more in post production to get that Boston sound. I used them for years and loved them, but eventually the tone got a bit dated for what I was doing and I went the way of overdriven Marshalls, Laney, etc. I still dig the tone, but it doesnt fit what I am doing. Tom is a genius engineer though. All the mods he does to his guitars and gear are fascinating.
  9. Yep, I know how to use snapshots, just haven't switched all my patches over yet since all my patches use all the free footswitches for each preset and I haven't had time to switch them over yet.
  10. Yep. totally agree, but until I get to the point where I can set my Helix to show snapshots that won't work. Unless you know of a way to only show snapshots for footswitches on one patch. =) Right now I have it set to 8 stomp mode and I need to that for the other 8 patches I use in this bank for this gig. So I can't quite make the switch to snapshots until I get them all redone. I have a 3 day gig this weekend I am getting ready for so I am trying to find a stop gap until I can get it all moved over to use snapshots. And if I can't, fine. I just need to know for sure before I spend a lot of time trying to figure it out.
  11. I have one footswitch that toggles on and off, but I have some songs where I just want to have it on, but not at 8. Then there are songs where I want it at 5. Or thereabouts. In you scenario I only have two options when I turn the teemah on and use the footswitch to control gain. On and set to 8 and off and set to 5. I would like: 1) On and gain set to 2 <- this is how it is set now when I turn it on 2) On and gain set to 5 <- I have a footswitch set to turn the gain to 5 when I engage the footswitch 3) On and gain set to 8 <- need this as a 3rd option I play in a classic rock/modern country band ad we switch pretty quick with songs. I would rather try to get a lot of this done in a single preset rather than changing presets. I could do it with scenes as well, but I haven't gotten that far yet. I was hoping I could just have multiple footswitches control the same blocks.
  12. I have a footswitch assigned right now to bump the gain on the Teemah. What I would like to do is use another footswitch to also control the gain of the Teemah but set it at a different level? I don't want to mess with the expression pedal for this, it woulnt be accurate enough for me live. I would two footswitches that are controlling gain. Hit one and it takes it to 8 hit another it takes it to 5 for example. Is this possible?
  13. I didnt like the sound of my acoustic through the Helix until I found an acoustic IR to use. I am using a Taylor 314ce IR and it sounds awesome with my Ibanez acoustic. I also use the XLR in instead of 1/4".
  14. Yeah, I knew switching to 10 stomp was going to do that, but I was hoping that I could possibly program the preset footswitch to automatically "press" the mode switch so to speak when selecting a preset. Or if there was a global option for switching to edit mod when selecting a preset.
  15. Unfortunately I use 10 switch mode so the bank idea wont work.
  16. Is there a way to set the Helix so that when you select a preset it switch to stomp mode automatically? It's slightly annoying when I am going to the next song for example, I select the preset and then have to click the mode button to get to my stomps. I have to step twice for each change. Thanks, --Mike
  17. Well 9 out of 10 times, if they are sending AUX sends to poweramps for the monitors they are doing so through a snake. You can jsut take the 1/4" or balanced and instead of going to the poweramps just go to your in ears. It shouldnt matter to them either way. In either case they still have to mix. I've played lots of different rooms and even if they are set up with wedges already they liked the idea of in ears. Its one less thing to cause feedback because of wedges. Plus stage volume couldnt be lessened. They were happy to let me unplug the wedge and patch in my ears. You may run into the occasional grumpy guss, but if you just ask which send from the snake is your wedge then just unplug it and plug it into your in ears. It doesnt have to be difficult. Just be gracious and switch it back at the end of the night otherwise the sound guy may gripe to who runs the venue.
  18. Any mixer worth its salt will have AUX sends you can use for monitor mixes in your IEM. You may only have the option for a couple monitor mixes, but they should have an AUX send you can use for IEM. But this is the reason I built my own monitor mix setup with a split snake so I can control all that myself and the FOH doesnt have to worry about it.
  19. Nice Job! You should attach the patch you configured for this, you nailed the tone too!
  20. You need to get you some of these for the Helix: http://www.stomplabel.de/ I did a stint with the local high school doing the "Back To the 80s" play as the pit guitar player and it was one of the best times I've had playing music. All the changes, the stress, watching the actors do their things, the whole process, everything. It was terrific, I would love to do it again.
  21. I think even having a Positive Grid/BIAS type editor would be very cool for the Helix. That way we can create something from what Helix already offers. It would stay in the confines of what has already been done, but still give us the option to totally go nuts. DSP would have to be calculated at the component level instead of the block level, but how fun would that be!
  22. Its fairly obvious that electronics hate water. My question is in regards to experience and outcome. That's why I asked. Do I need to keep it in a bubble or does it seem to handle spills well. It was not a question of electronics liking water or not. :wub:
  23. LOL, yeah that's fairly obvious, I am just curious as to what people have had happen and the results so I can determine the steps I need to take to protect it. :D
  24. Thanks for the info. I does look sealed pretty well, but I'm not really ready to spill a few beers on it to test it. :D It sounds like I shouldn't have to wrap it in a plastic bag or anything at least and that's what I was wondering. I am going to put a dummy monitor in front of it as well to at least keep people a couple feet away, but there are a few places where we play on the floor.
  25. Has anyone had an experience with spills on their Helix boards yet? I gigged with the POD HD Pro and the shortboard for years and had plenty of beers spilled on it and had it in a couple inches of water and worked great. Now I switched to the floor version of the helix and I am wondering what I may need to do to protect it. DI, I know there is a video for beating it up, but was there any testing done with liquid? Has anyone experienced spills? Has anyone come up with a setup for stage to help protect it like a sneeze guard?
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