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  1. Sick of no response....cancelled my order. What a joke line6.
  2. Hey Line6 how about a comment on this one. I too have been on order for several months and am getting really tired of hearing from Guitar Center that it's delayed...yet again.
  3. Ok Line 6. SPECIFICALLY here is what is happening to me, hopefully this is a "quick fix" Bluetooth connection works, music will play Remote app works, I can pick a saved tone and play that tone with no connection issues. however, if I switch over to music while I want to play and selected one of the recommended tones, the app immediately drops the connection with AMPLIFI. the music still plays so the bluetooth connection is still there, but the remote is no longer able to control the tones. this is the best part of the amp so please fix this.
  4. amplifi 150 amplifi remote ver 2.5 iOS 9 iPad air. Plays music via bluetooth but "device not connected" shows at bottom of remote screen. Will not adjust tones
  5. Anybody using a Y splitter to jam 2 guitars on the Amplifi 150? Just at low volume?
  6. Does anybody know if I can use a splitter cord to play 2 guitars into the single input on my amplify 150? Just playing at home with a friend, not on stage. Thanks in advance.
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