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  1. Hello. I've recently bought a Dt 25 head and dt -25 112 extension cab and i'm really happy with these products. To perfect this gear i've bought at the same time a pod hd500x, but i can't find any L6 cable. Are these cable includes in the box ? i've got an usb cable, the power alimentation cable too but no l6 cable to connect to my dt25 head. is it normal ? or is there another way to connect my pod to the dt 25 head ? i've returned all my house 3 times to be sure but can't find this l6 cable so i'm perplexe
  2. Hey Guys, i'm interested to buy one of this amp but can't find it on thomann, music store etc... is this amp still product and available somewhere ? If i go to my local retailer can they order it ?
  3. I've got the same issue after several trys of updating the device. I had to return the device to pusic store, now waiting for a new one. Hope it will work this time...
  4. I don't know but this product seem to be released with a lot of issues. I'm really disapointed by Line 6 on this one... Hope to have an answer soon
  5. Got the same issues now, my fbv 3 doesn't work anymore with my spider jam. I've made a ticket, will see the answer but i guess it will go back to music store...
  6. it's easier this way to start the update but i still got the same issue, the update is endless can't apply this firmware. may i should try on another computer or smoheting like this ? don't understand why it doesn't apply the firmware while doing everything in the rules... is there a way to reset original parameters ?
  7. Finally the installation was stuck during 3 hours, i decided to stop it, so it's still in his version 1.00.00. I've tried to restart and now it doesn't detect anymore again my device on line 6 updater... does someone know the way to apply the firmware manually as i've downloaded it ? This whole thing is getting me crazy ...
  8. Yes it works perfectly, Fbv 3 V1.00.00 And i can find the device on the audio device on windows. i wanna update my fbv 3 cause the screen doesn't show me the name of the tone i'm using on my spider jam. so i have to check the spider jam screen to see which tone i'm using. Maybe i should erase the driver of the fbv 3, i've tried it but doesn't seem to work And FBV 3 isn't on the device list on line 6 monkey. this and the lack of information on how to use the product with the pilot guide... it's a little hard to take this product in hand. UPDATE : I can now update the firmware, don't know why it doesn't detect it before... I will see if i can see my tone on the screen, the led color function isn't working too but i've read that it only works for Firehawk 1500 for the moment, i'm hoping for and update solving this issue. I've choosed this product because it was only 25€ more than the shortboard express MK II on music store and i though the led color was a great extra but for the moment it's a false advertise...
  9. I can't update my fbv 3 with the line 6 updater, the programm doesn't show me any device i don't understand...
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